‘Absolutely exceptional’… Jurgen Klopp says he’s spotted something ‘ridiculous’ about Alisson Becker. - soocer442
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‘Absolutely exceptional’… Jurgen Klopp says he’s spotted something ‘ridiculous’ about Alisson Becker.



“Absolutely remarkable”… Jurgen Klopp claims to have observed something “absurd” about Alisson Becker.Jurgen Klopp has been gushing about Alisson Becker’s caliber as the goalkeeper for Liverpool.

Alisson’s outstanding performance once more this season has solidified his position as the game’s preeminent goalkeeper.”How often does he seize a ball that requires everyone to jump, and he simply accepts it without question?” The save is not visually impressive, and individuals are unaware of its magnitude. That is his greatest ability. When we were considering bringing him in, we analyzed him and observed his game; it’s inexplicable how composed he remains at all times. “Extremely remarkable is his qualities.”


Klopp was ecstatic about Alisson.

On this point, there is not a single Liverpool supporter in the entire world who disagrees with Klopp. Alisson is among a select few Reds players who are entirely exempt from criticism.


Without a doubt, there are others who are universally beloved. However, opinions will differ as to whether Mohamed Salah has made a comprehensive contribution or whether Virgil van Dijk remains one of the finest available. However, in the case of Alisson, no argument can be presented.And in a recent interview with Ben Foster for Amazon Prime Video Sport, Jurgen Klopp concurs that the Brazilian is the finest player currently available.


“Ali is the craziest thing about Ali – and I agree that he is the best goalie in the world – but he is an even better person,” gushed the Liverpool manager. “That is absolutely insane. One thinks to oneself, “I do not wish to have an additional goalkeeper” upon seeing him. That is the type of goalie that you desire. He is intelligent, as composed as you like, and a truly decent person. Desires to participate in every game; if we omit him for any reason, he inquires, “Why?” Thus, he also possesses this competitiveness.


“He possesses a genuine football intellect; he deliberates on matters; converse with him regarding various scenarios. I truly have no idea what goalkeeping entails, but after hearing him articulate it, I was like, “Aha!”Since more than a year ago, the 31-year-old has been and continues to be Liverpool’s most valuable player.


Remove him from the lineup, and the Reds transform from potential contenders for the championship to likely contenders for the top four. He is that excellent.


His ability to simplify challenging situations is, as Jurgen notes, one of Alisson’s most admirable qualities.


Critics of opposing clubs frequently cite seemingly impossible saves as evidence that their goalkeeper is superior to Alisson. They are, however, missing the point. Ali rarely requires these “camera saves” due to the fact that his position is frequently one step ahead.


Although it may not appear as remarkable, catching a ball by stepping across rather than tipping it around the post every day of the week is preferable. From there, Alisson can initiate a lightning-fast counterattack for Liverpool at the opposing end.


Additionally, there are additional factors that contribute to the Brazil stopper being the finest available. Furthermore, as stated by Klopp, there is no one else you would choose to defend your goal. Alisson, our goaltender, is the finest in the vicinity.