Erik ten Hag can complete Manchester United transfer masterplan with Ajax duo reunion. - soocer442
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Erik ten Hag can complete Manchester United transfer masterplan with Ajax duo reunion.



Erik ten Hag may succeed Ajax in completing his transfer masterplan by reuniting with two players.Reports indicate

that Matthijs de Ligt may be “open” to abandoning Frenkie de Jong and Bayern Munich next summer. The central defender has previously alluded to the possibility of a reunion.Prior to his appointment to the Old Trafford dugout in 2022, Erik ten Hag was essentially in charge of Manchester United’s transfer transactions. Although the Dutchman received unwavering support in that regard, even he could have executed the situation differently if not for the influence of other factors.


A demand for players with Eredivisie experience has characterized Ten Hag’s tenure thus far. Playing in the Netherlands continues to be a stark contrast to the conditions players encounter when they arrive in the Premier League, and some simply lack the ability to overcome that gap and elevate their game to the level that is required.One more workout Lisandro Martinez emerged as a revelation for Manchester United in the previous campaign, whereas Christian Eriksen, who was previously tested by the unrivaled demands of Tottenham, demonstrated astuteness as a free agent acquisition despite a few uncertainties surrounding his performance this year.Nevertheless, despite this, Ten Hag is not anticipating any assistance from Sir Jim Ratcliffe and the Premier League’s approval of an investment from INEOS Group as he prepares to return the transfer key. A transformation is imminent both within the boardroom and in their approach to recruiting.


For the past decade, United have been one of the worst purchasers in Europe. It will not be difficult for INEOS to ameliorate the situation in that department, but the new transfer hierarchy would do well to heed one or two final requests while Ten Hag prepares to assume a supporting role.In 2022, Frenkie de Jong infamously sidestepped United and Ten Hag in the wake of a flamboyantly public pursuit for his signature. Barcelona offered ample encouragement; however, De Jong was adamant about remaining at the Camp Nou, and no amount of effort could entice him otherwise.


United have traveled this path previously with De Ligt, an ex-Ajax teammate of his.


Under the leadership of Ten Hag in Amsterdam, those two players were the driving forces behind a thriving Ajax squad that came perilously close to advancing to the Champions League semifinals in Europe in 2019. Those two athletes stood out as the most exceptional and most qualified to perform on the highest level.De Jong maintains his success with Barcelona, whereas De Ligt, who excelled at Juventus prior to joining Bundesliga leaders Bayern Munich, is reportedly contemplating a move next summer as ongoing concerns regarding his playing time in Bavaria persist. It is now acceptable for Ten Hag to proceed with his vocation.


However, could that serve as the impetus for him to reestablish the former band? The aforementioned athletes, who both departed from Ajax in 2019, have openly expressed their intention to reunite once more.


De Jong has, in my opinion, grown substantially this year, De Ligt said of Ten Hag shortly after the announcement of his arrival at United. “He earned his transfer to Barcelona.” Will we engage in recreation there? “Playing on a team with Frenkie would be ideal, but I cannot guarantee that it will occur.”De Jong continued, “I am undecided as to whether or not I wish to see him [De Ligt] here. This is a decision that he must reach with his family. I made an easy decision when I saw that Barcelona wanted me to perform here.


At this time, Barcelona does not appear to be the idyll that De Jong implies it to be on the field. In contrast, United may have been given the green light to fully implement Ten Hag’s masterplan after appointing Omar Berrada as their new chief executive from acrimonious rivals Manchester City. This development could indicate that the club is finally on the rise.