Gary O'Neil says Arsenal have a 24-year-old in their ranks who's 'not easy to get past'. - soocer442
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Gary O’Neil says Arsenal have a 24-year-old in their ranks who’s ‘not easy to get past’.



According to Gary O’Neil, Arsenal has a player that is 24 years old and is something that is “not easy to get past.”As a player who is “not easy to get past,” Declan Rice, who plays in the middle of the field for Arsenal, has been described by Gary O’Neil.

After the Gunners defeated his team by a score of 2-1 at the Emirates Stadium on Saturday, the manager of Wolves was speaking to the media team of the club.Bukayo Saka scored the first goal for Arsenal in the sixth minute, and Martin Odegaard doubled the Gunners’ advantage in the thirteenth minute. Arsenal quickly charged into a two-goal lead throughout the game.


In spite of this, Arsenal was in for a tense conclusion to the Premier League match that took place in North London. Four minutes before the final whistle, Matheus Cunha cut the deficit in half.


It was the Wolves player’s second goal of the week, and his manager, while addressing to the press, mentioned how the forward made it difficult for players like Rice to play the game.O’Neil referred to him as a first-rate player. The moments that he had today in which he was able to walk past their defenders in the penalty area are some of his most memorable.


“I believe that one of them was Declan Rice, who is difficult to get around, and his shot hits Raya in the face. He has those individual moments where he can turn on and turn games,” I said.Declan Rice, a star player for Arsenal, is “not easy to get past.” One must give credit to Wolves for making the game challenging for Arsenal. The Gunners never allowed their heads to droop, which resulted in a tense conclusion to the game, despite the fact that they were in control for the majority of the game.


O’Neill is absolutely correct. Given that Rice is not a player that is simple to get around, Cunha ought to be delighted with the fact that he had some successful moments against him.


Having said that, the Arsenal star, who is 24 years old, had yet another fantastic game. When all is said and done, that is pretty much the norm for him at this point. He is not only reliable but also of the highest caliber.


To such an extent, in fact, that almost no one is bringing up the £105 million cost that the Gunners paid to West Ham in order to get him. This is evidence that he is living up to the high standards that have been set for him.