'I should have joined Man Utd after Sir Alex called me – but I listened to my wife'. - soocer442
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‘I should have joined Man Utd after Sir Alex called me – but I listened to my wife’.



In the past, Emmanuel Petit, who had previously played for Arsenal and Chelsea, has stated that he would have joined Manchester United if it weren’t for his wife.


A remarkable career in England, during which he won both the Premier League and the FA Cup with the Gunners, was enjoyed by the French player who became the winner of the World Cup. Despite the fact that his three-year stay with the Blues did not offer the same level of success, his old fan bases had a generally positive attitude toward him.


However, Sir Alex Ferguson called him and urged him to join the Red Devils, which gave him the opportunity to win even more titles than he had previously accomplished. Without the presence of his wife, Agathe de la Fontain, it is quite probable that he would have gathered his belongings and made his way to Old Trafford.Arsenal reached out to me, but Manchester United also made contact with me. I had a conversation with Arsene. I was honest with him and told him, “I appreciate it and it’s very tempting, but I didn’t feel that you wanted me to stay when I signed for Barcelona a year ago.” He was really interested in having me return, but I told him that I was not interested in staying.WhatsApp is now available for The Daily Star, and we would love for you to join us!


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You are free to leave whenever you like if you do not choose to participate in our community. In order to quit our community, select the Exit group option by clicking on the name that is located at the top of your screen. Please take the time to read our Privacy Notice if you are interested.After a challenging season at Barcelona, Petit had his sights set on a return to the Premier League which he had previously played in. “I had many clubs interested in taking me back to England [in 2001],” Petit stated in a prior interview with FourFourTwo. “However, I ultimately decided to stay in England.”The two calls that I received from Sir Alex Ferguson indicated that I ought to have gone to Manchester United. I listened to my wife once again, despite the fact that we had a very wonderful chat and it was tempting to do otherwise.”She wanted to go back to London – she didn’t want to live in Manchester – so I made the same mistake twice in one year.”



At the end of the day, he decided to sign with Chelsea, where he remained for a total of three seasons until ultimately retiring. Arsenal won two Premier League titles and two FA Cups over that time span, including the 2003–2004 season in which they did not lose a single match. Ferguson, on the other hand, won one Premier League trophy and one FA Cup during the same time period. At least Petit’s wife was OK with the situation.