Manchester United’s unseen £4.3m signing needs to be backed at perfect time, Ten Hag favouritism could backfire. - soocer442
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Manchester United

Manchester United’s unseen £4.3m signing needs to be backed at perfect time, Ten Hag favouritism could backfire.



Unknown Manchester United acquisition for £4.3 million must be backed at the ideal moment; favoritism for Ten Hag could backfire.An aspect that has contributed to the frustration of Manchester United’s season has been the recurrence of errors from the past.

Over the course of the last decade, Manchester United supporters have witnessed everything, as current manager Erik ten Hag is the fifth permanent manager since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson.Altay Bayindir Awaiting an Opportunity

Among the players patiently awaiting an opportunity is Altay Bayindir, who was acquired from Fenerbahce for £4.3 million this summer.Have faith in Bayindir

In fact, our hope is that Manchester United does not do this. A player in need of an opportunity is Altay Bayindir, and these contests are ideal for breaking him in.


A début in the FA Cup against a lower-division opponent would be an ideal setting for Bayindir.


Additionally, he must acquire playing time prior to a possible Premier League appearance against Spurs, just in case the subsequent Onana delay fails.


The fact that United believes he will not be required for either appears to be disrespectful to him.Erik ten Hag prefers Andre Onana, but he has not performed at his usual level of excellence. Bayindir, on the other hand, is a Turkey international who began their most recent victory over Germany.


United invested £4.3 million in Bayindir; if the club had no intention of using him, they ought to have retained Tom Heaton at number two and elevated rookie Radek Vitek to third place.


Bayindir’s failure to make use of him in these two contests would be a disheartening omission. And that may render him inadequate for a fourth-round FA Cup match that is arguably more difficult.


Envision a scenario in which United suffers a loss due to an error committed by Andre Onana in one of these contests. The response will not be favorable. Bayindir, a degree of greater sympathy would be warranted.


This may appear to be United supporters showing favoritism for Onana, but the issue at hand is Erik ten Hag’s potentially imprudent squad management and his preference for him.