Manuel Akanji says he’s always studying £47m Man City player in order to improve. - soocer442
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Manuel Akanji says he’s always studying £47m Man City player in order to improve.



Manuel Akanji claims he is constantly analyzing a £47 million Manchester City player with the intention of bettering himself.As per the statement made by Srinivas Sadhanand Manuel Akanji, he has examined videos featuring John Stones in order to gain insight into his extensively debated composite role.

The Swiss international stated to BBC Sport that Stones garnered attention during the previous season by performing admirably for Manchester City as a right-back or center-back when the team had the ball, and as a midfielder when they did.After the Sky Blues won the Premier League last season, Conor Coady disclosed that he texted the £47.5 million (Guardian) player a message that read, “Mate, you’re reinventing the game.”


Manuel Akanji claims to have analyzed John Stones videos.

Josko Gvardiol, according to Mateo Kovacic, can “gain a great deal” from observing the 29-year-old’s performance on the field.


Akanji has been utilized in place of Stones’ hybrid in recent weeks, as the latter has been inactive due to injury.”At the time of my debut performance in the midfield, I analyzed recordings featuring John Stones and his team in an effort to incorporate their style of play into my own performance. “I believe it improved from game to game,” he told BBC Sport.


Manuel Akanji has considerable room for development in this capacity.

During the most recent 3-2 victory of Manchester City over RB Leipzig, Manuel Akanji performed subpar in the supposedly “John Stones” position.


In addition to being a dependable defender and a crucial component in City’s buildup, the role requires the player to roam across all phases of play and contribute significantly to the team’s attack.At this time, Manuel Akanji, a center-back for Manchester City, appears to be gaining knowledge from John Stones.From our perspective, Akanji failed to demonstrate mastery over both of those aspects against Leipzig, as evidenced by his error at the back that conceded the visitors the lead at the Etihad Stadium.


In contrast, the former Borussia Dortmund colossus has performed with confidence in this capacity in recent meetings with Liverpool and Chelsea.


As Manuel Akanji gains more experience observing his Manchester City colleague perform the role, his own development will undoubtedly benefit from future deployments there.