One executive believes Manchester United have made biggest acquisition since Cristiano Ronaldo. - soocer442
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Manchester United

One executive believes Manchester United have made biggest acquisition since Cristiano Ronaldo.



One executive believes that Manchester United has made its most significant acquisition since Cristiano Ronaldo. Reports indicate that other Premier League clubs’ highest-ranking officials and directors have commented on Omar Berrada’s appointment at Manchester United.

The Premier League has not yet formally approved Sir Jim Ratcliffe’s 25% takeover of Manchester United, but the Englishman has already made one significant appointment.During the years of Manchester City’s league and now European dominance, Omar Berrada was a pivotal figure; therefore, the confirmation of the agreement to bring the Moroccan to Old Trafford caused some surprise.


The club has not made a significant external appointment since Berrada, and Premier League opponents have already reacted positively to the remarkable selection.Premier League clubs respond

The Athletic reports that a number of high-ranking officials from other clubs were taken aback by the discreet nature of this appointment.


United have a propensity to let transactions they are negotiating drag on in the media, which immeasurably slows down the process and irritates supporters.


Nevertheless, that was not the situation at hand. According to one executive, the Red Devils have purportedly made their first elite appointment in over a decade with this transaction.Another executive reportedly believes it is the most significant transaction United has completed since 2003, when they acquired Cristiano Ronaldo, an exciting adolescent, from Sporting Lisbon.


While Berrada may not possess the same level of on-field influence as Ronaldo, this could be the Red Devils most significant off-field acquisition in quite some time.


The obligations of Berrada

Berrada reportedly stated that he would have only considered a step up rather than a step back before joining City. He cited the increased responsibilities he would be entrusted with at Old Trafford as a significant factor in his decision to join.


It is crucial for a club to have a leader with football knowledge, as was the case recently when City successfully completed the acquisition of River Plate midfielder Claudio Echeverri.This summer is anticipated to be among the most significant in recent club history. City has granted Berrada a six-month gardening leave, which affords the Moroccan the opportunity to examine every aspect of the club in preparation for the summer reorganization.