"There is no way" According to Kenny Miller, Celtic Head coach Brendan Rodgers either accepted the contract or was the one who signed the 23-year-old player for a fee of three million pounds - soocer442
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“There is no way” According to Kenny Miller, Celtic Head coach Brendan Rodgers either accepted the contract or was the one who signed the 23-year-old player for a fee of three million pounds



Ever since the beginning of the season, the position at center defense for Celtic has taken a number of unexpected turns.

Who would have thought that by the time the new year rolled around, Liam Scales, who had spent the previous year on loan at Aberdeen, would be one of the most crucial players for Celtic, coordinating his efforts with Stephen Welsh against Rangers?!

The disappointment of summer additions such as Gustaf Lagerbielke and Maik Nawrocki is another aspect that has contributed to the situation. Cameron Carter-Vickers has suffered two separate injuries, which has additionally played a role.

In an interview with Clyde 1, Kenny Miller stated that there is “no way” that Brendan Rodgers accepted the Sweden international player or was the one who signed him for a fee of three million pounds during the summer.


It is true that Gustaf Lagerbielke started for Celtic in their 1-0 victory at Ibrox at the beginning of the season; nevertheless, he appeared to be in a suspicious state and has not played since.

In light of the fact that there are already rumors circulating that he would be leaving in January, the issue arises as to who enabled this signing to take place.

If it had been Brendan Rodgers, the Celtic manager would have taken the 23-year-old player into consideration and given him the opportunity to demonstrate his worth. However, as Kenny Miller pointed out, this is not the case.

There is also Gustaf Lagerbielke and Brendan Rodgers.

In addition to the fact that I am aware that Nawrocki has sustained an injury, Miller stated that three center backs have been brought in.

Nevertheless, during the summer, three new center backs have been brought in, and none of them have been able to play well. Over the course of an Old Firm match, you were exposed to two academy products, namely Scales and Welsh.

From the Old Firm game that took place at Ibrox, “Lagerbielke.” It appeared to me that he was really, extremely shady. He didn’t have any respect for it. He was working with Scales on that particular day, and he was the one who appeared to be the most reliable chip.


It is inconceivable that Brendan Rodgers would have signed him. Considering that Brendan Rodgers signed the player five months ago, it is inconceivable that he is not performing up to expected.

If you have signed him and you have reason to believe that he has the potential to be this player, then you should not dismiss the possibility so hastily.

Does Brendan Rodgers have the support of others?

The man from Northern Ireland has been vocal about the fact that Celtic is in need of quality players and that he wants to bring in players who have already proven themselves.

Although we are still in the beginning stages of the month, the January transfer window has been pretty quiet up to this far.

It is possible that things will perk up when players return to activity, or, as is traditional, during the final few days of the window.

If you are going to bring a manager like Rodgers back to the club, especially after what he accomplished in his previous stint, there is no need to screw around; simply back him up, let him bring in who he wants, and allow him to get on with its business!

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