"UNBELIEVABLE" Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes responds to question about Andre Onana mistakes. - soocer442
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“UNBELIEVABLE” Manchester United midfielder Bruno Fernandes responds to question about Andre Onana mistakes.



Midfielder Bruno Fernandes of Manchester United responds to a query regarding Andre Onana’s errors.The captain of Manchester United, Bruno Fernandes, declined to comment on a query regarding Andre Onana’s errors subsequent to Wednesday night’s Champions League draw against Galatasaray (3-3).

In Istanbul, United led by two goals in the first twenty minutes on goals from Alejandro Garnacho and Fernandes, but the match concluded in a draw due to Onana’s costly errors in the goaltending.


Onana conceded two goals against Galastaray via free-kicks, with the second being an especially egregious error.Prior to being interviewed by TNT Sports, Fernandes witnessed the conceded free-kick goals by Onana on a monitor and, as noted by the reporter, appeared disheartened as he did so.When the reporter inquired as to how he could provide an explanation for those goals, he responded, “I have nothing to say; we conceded the goals and there is currently nothing that can be done. Although there was room for improvement, those two objectives remain in the balance.Fernandes further stated, “Even in Copenhagen, where we were down one player, we still managed to secure a 3-2 victory by scoring to make it three-two. We must now realize that in these types of contests, we must be more astute and proficient in our game management.


“It is a multitude of factors, and it emanates from each individual; we must all assume accountability for our own errors.” We must now eagerly anticipate the upcoming events and assess whether we can advance. “Although we no longer rely solely on ourselves, the situation remains as it is.”


Scott McTominay asserted in a separate interview with TNT Sports that it was a team effort and not Onana’s fault: “We’re a team, and it doesn’t matter whether the weather is good or bad; it doesn’t affect us.”We are all in this together as a cohesive unit. There are no individuals on this team; rather, we will all work cohesively to demonstrate our ability to succeed collectively. Hopefully, our group’s outcomes will be favorable.