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52 years-old Irish football pundit Roy Keane’s reveals on Cristiano Ronaldo transfer



Roy Keane, the former captain of Manchester United, shocked everyone in football with his opinion on Cristiano Ronaldo’s huge £80 million move to Real Madrid in 2009.

Roy Keane doesn’t give compliments easily, so the fact that he said Cristiano Ronaldo’s world record move to Real Madrid was “cheap” shows how highly he thought of the Portuguese forward.

The 52-year-old Sky Sports commentator knows a lot about Ronaldo because he played with him at Manchester United. Sir Alex Ferguson signed the young player in 2003, and Keane was captain of his club at the time. He saw him grow into one of the all-time greats.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Six years later, Ronaldo was packing his bags because Real Madrid had wooed him with their flashy lights and paid an unbelievable £80 million to get him.

For one person, that many cards had never changed hands before in that game. But Keane, who had already retired by that time, thought that the Spanish giants had gotten their man for too little money.

When asked about the Ronaldo move, Keane said, “That’s just how things are.” “Ronaldo is said to be worth £80 million, but when I see other players, I think that price is too low for Ronaldo.” The world’s best player. People who play football are considered entertainment, and the best people in any field make the most money.

Keane’s points are mostly correct, given how Ronaldo’s time at the Bernabeu went in the years that followed. Real Madrid got a lot for their money in the deal.

Over the course of nine years in Spain, Ronaldo scored an amazing 450 goals and won two La Liga titles. He had a lot more success in Europe, where Real Madrid won the Champions League four times, including three straight titles from 2016 to 2018.

Ronaldo has won five Ballon d’Or awards since moving to Real Madrid for £80 million from Real Madrid in 2009. When he left the club in 2018, he still holds the record for most goals scored by a player.

Ronaldo started a new part of his career in December 2022 when he became the first famous player to move to Saudi Arabia. He had already played for Juventus and Manchester United for a short time.

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