Breaking News: ‘project signing’ -Brendan Rodgers confirms the 22-year-old striker is currently considering leaving Celtic amid January transfer window - soocer442
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Breaking News: ‘project signing’ -Brendan Rodgers confirms the 22-year-old striker is currently considering leaving Celtic amid January transfer window



Celtic fans can’t wait for January to come around so they can see if Brendan Rodgers adds any new players to the team.

That’s what the Celtic boss said: the Hoops need to cut down on their squad. And it looks like one player is already looking for a way out.

This summer, a record number of teams signed young Marco Tilio from the Australian A-League. It cost Celtic £1.5 million to sign the midfielder, which made him Australia’s most expensive product.

Brendan Rodgers stated that Tilio was having a hard time adjusting to life at Celtic because of his injury and the fact that Scottish football is much more intense than Tilio is used to.

A report in the Daily Record says that Tilio is “considering” a loan move in January to try to get some first-team games.

According to the story, Tilio hopes that his work with the Australian U23 team will help convince Rodgers to give him more playing time with the first team. If it doesn’t, he is “open” to a possible loan move.

Breaking News: ‘project signing’ -Brendan Rodgers confirms the 22-year-old striker is currently considering leaving Celtic amid January transfer window

Ufuk Talay, the assistant manager of the Australian national team, called Tilio a “exciting” player. The Brazilian does have some promise, but he hasn’t had the chance to show it yet.

Another big fan of the Celtic winger is Craig Moore, who used to play for Rangers and thinks of him as a “project signing.”

No matter what is wrong with the young player, he won’t play ahead of Daizen Maeda, Luis Palma, or Hyunjun Yang until he gets plenty of minutes in those legs. All three of them are in great form right now.

Liel Abada will fall even further down the ranks when he comes back in December. He sounds like he could be a good player for Celtic in the future, so let’s hope he can find the game he wants.

Breaking News: “I think he’ll have to go somewher” 24 years-old celtic forward as he was told to leave Celtic Fc to save his football career this next transfer window

With so many players on the first team, it’s almost impossible for Brendan Rodgers to make sure that all of them get to play.

The manager of the Hoops has said that he wants to cut down the team in January and that some players who don’t play much will be let go.

The Celtic winger Mikey Johnston hasn’t played much for Rodgers, even though he’s been very good for the Republic of Ireland, so he might be one of the players who leaves, either on loan or forever.

Mark Guidi, a football expert, told the 24-year-old that he needs to leave the club if he wants to play more with the first team.

“The Liam Scales story is obviously inspiring for any football player who’s maybe having a hard time finding his way,” Guidi said on The Go Radio Football Show.

“Mikey Johnston, I don’t see him beating or ever getting ahead of Liel Abada when he’s healthy, Palma right now, or Maeda on the other side.”

“So I think Mikey Johnston is a very good football player, but I think he’ll have to go somewhere else to play regular football.”

Johnston hasn’t started a game for Celtic this season under Brendan Rodgers. He wasn’t on the team at the beginning of the season because of an illness, but he’s been seen only once in a Celtic game since then.


Breaking News: 50 years pundit Chris Sutton Makes Surprising Luis Palma Statement shocking even the Celtic winger

Ever since he joined Celtic in the summer, winger Luis Palma has been in great shape. So far, the Honduran internationalist has stood out in green and white. But even though he has put up some great numbers so far, former Celtic striker Chris Sutton is still not fully impressed by the Honduran international.

He told the Daily Record, “The jury is still out, even though the numbers are great in terms of goals and assets.” In just 18 games, he’s scored seven goals and set up eight others.

Against Aberdeen, he scored one and set up three others. Some wide receivers don’t have those kinds of stats over the course of a whole season. As Jota’s replacement, he has big shoes to fill, which is hard for him

So far in Glasgow, Palma has done a good job of living up to Jota’s stats. He has already won some big games, and Sutton said he was like a cult hero for the Scottish champs
his time with the Bhoys, Lubo Moravcik stood out. Sutton said about the similarities, “His cross for Oh’s goal with the outside of his right boot was classy and made me think of Lubo Moravcik.” Sure, he has a long way to go before he’s as good as Lubo, but I think he has more to offer. As the season goes on, both basketball fans and Brendan Rodgers will want Palma to keep getting better. This player has already won over the Parkhead fans, which can only be a good thing and inspire him to do even better.

“Everything was finished” Celtic Fc were on the verge of signing the 36-year-old Premier League winner.

Since winning the Premier League with Leicester City, Danny Simpson’s life hasn’t been easy.

Ever since he left Bristol City last summer, the right defender has had a tough time finding a new club. After leaving Leicester City, he was a free agent twice before.
Being a free agent is troublesome in and of itself, but having a deal fall through makes it unbearable.

While appearing on Filthy Fellas, Simpson spoke up about his long history of club hopping, including a near-signing with Celtic following his departure from Leicester.

“Everything was finished” Celtic Fc were on the verge of signing the 36-year-old Premier League winner.
Simpson was on the verge of joining Celtic

Almost signing with the Scottish giants was something the right-back mentioned.

Sometimes that’s just how things operate, and it’s crazy. Something transpired with Celtic, and as a result, I lost communication with my agency. For that reason, I declined the second offer. “I had conversations with Neil Lennon and others about Celtic, and it was a great opportunity for European football and additional trophies; I also had conversations with Kolo Toure and Brendan about it, but in the end, it fell through,” Simpson revealed.

Valued despite the potential danger
It seems like Simpson turned down other offers in pursuit of a move to Celtic Park, and we really don’t blame him.

Any footballer in such predicament would be tempted to join Celtic. It’s a chance to perform in front of a massive audience in the most prestigious tournaments. There were rumors going around at the time that the Bhoys even offered him a trial.

It would appear that Simpson still harbors remorse for his failed attempt to secure a transfer to Glasgow; thus, he has been in a state of footballing limbo for the past few year

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