Arsenal have already finalised a deal with attacker who has 7 goals in 9 games. - soocer442
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Arsenal have already finalised a deal with attacker who has 7 goals in 9 games.



Prominent analyst Garth Crooks has praised Arsenal midfielder Declan Rice for his performance against Brentford on Saturday.


Declan Rice’s contribution to Arsenal’s 1-0 victory over Brentford over the weekend constituted “pure genius.”This is the conclusion arrived by BBC Sport commentator Garth Crooks, who has gushed over the England international.


Brentford anticipated Arsenal’s arrival across London for a potentially arduous matchup, and it appeared that the evening would be filled with frustration.


The squad of Mikel Arteta struggled to score the game-winning goal until Bukayo Saka’s cross was converted by Kai Havertz.The Arsenal player Declan Rice’s contribution is praised by Garth Crooks.

Arsenal rose to the pinnacle of the Premier League standings by capitalizing on Manchester City’s draw with Liverpool and securing the victory.


In the first half, however, circumstances could have been considerably different, as Declan Rice was called upon to make a goal-saving block.


Aaron Ramsdale experienced disorientation due to his feet, while Yoane Wissa positioned Bryan Mbeumo for a momentous opportunity.


Despite Ramsdale failing to intercept Mbeumo’s shot, Rice had strategically positioned himself at the boundary to complete the deciding block.Garth Crooks, an authority on football, has now praised Arsenal midfielder Rice, stating on BBC Sport that he exhibited “pure brilliance” at that moment.


Crooks claims that Rice has become an indispensable member of Arteta’s unit after just a few months at the club, attaining the same level of influence for this Arsenal squad as Martin Odegaard did last season.

Crooks commented, “Mikel Arteta can pontificate as much as he wants regarding Arsenal’s professionalism and keeping a clean sheet against Brentford, but they escaped with this victory.” “It was pure brilliance how Declan Rice recognized Aaron Ramsdale’s predicament, maneuvered himself behind his goalkeeper, and positioned himself ideal to clear the ball off the line.”


“Rice is demonstrating for the Gunners the same degree of influence that Martin Odegaard did last season.” The triumph elevates Arsenal to the top of the standings, and they have now established a favorable stretch run ahead of their home matches against Villa and Brighton, in addition to Liverpool. “None of which will be easy, but anything is possible if they can maintain their leadership position heading into the new year,” he explained further.This Arsenal midfielder is now Rice’s. It was unquestionable who the focal point of the Arsenal midfield was during the previous campaign.


Odegaard produced works of extraordinary technical prowess and ingenuity, surpassing the capabilities of most playwrights.


This season, Odegaard has not reached his zenith, despite contributing to one assist and three goals in ten Premier League contests.


Undoubtedly, the Norwegian will regain his form in the immediate future; however, this appears to be Rice’s midfield for the time being.Regardless of his position (deeper or further forward), Rice’s performance for Arsenal is exemplary.


Rice demonstrates not only defensive prowess but also exceptional passing prowess and the capacity to advance the ball.


At the age of 24, Rice possesses the capability of continuing to dominate Arsenal’s midfield for an extended duration. Supporters of the Gunners will be in prayer for this to transpire.

“Pure genius”: A BBC analyst is astounded by a “influential” Arsenal player who is being compared to Odegaard.A deal has been reached with the attacker who has scored seven goals in nine appearances for Arsenal.As reported by The Evening Standard, Arsenal and youthful sensation Chido Obi-Martin have reportedly already reached an agreement.


This week, the 15-year-old’s ten goals in a single match for the Arsenal U16s in their 14-3 victory over Liverpool U16s went viral.The club reportedly agreed to a scholarship term with him last year; therefore, he will remain on scholarship at the club until he reaches the age of seventeen, at which point he will be eligible to secure a professional contract with Arsenal.


His prowess is such that he has already represented the U21s and U18s, where he contributed to three goals in four contests.


In addition, he has contributed to the Danish U17s’ seven goals in nine contests, including four in their most recent 6-2 victory over Norway.