Biggest misses… 13 players wanted by 5 managers who would have changed Man Utd since Sir Alex Ferguson. - soocer442
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Manchester United

Biggest misses… 13 players wanted by 5 managers who would have changed Man Utd since Sir Alex Ferguson.



Greatest failures… Five managers who would have altered Manchester United since Sir Alex Ferguson desired thirteen players.Manchester United has endured a tumultuous decade since the retirement of Sir Alex Ferguson, vacillating from manager to manager.


However, despite this, United have lost more games in the last decade than they did during Sir Alex Ferguson’s 26-year tenure.A portion of this can be attributed to the numerous managers, but the owners and their haphazard recruitment strategies have significantly contributed to the team’s difficulties.


It is not exclusively the athletes that have been acquired that have been overlooked. The thirteen greatest failures of the era following Sir Alex Ferguson are detailed below.The doy Moyes

Toni Kroos, Cesc Fabregas, and Thiago Alcantara

The first transfer window under David Moyes was an absolute catastrophe. He declined the opportunity to acquire Thiago Alcantara from Barcelona, notwithstanding the midfielder’s readiness to join.


Guillem Balague stated via X, “David Moyes determined that Balague was not a suitable player for United.” Thiago, who was in Munich signing the contract to join Pep’s squad, could not believe it and requested that his agent contact MUFC once more. Equal response; no participant is required. He subsequently chose to join Bayern.


Moyes opted for Marouane Fellaini instead of Thiago, who directed Bayern to multiple league titles and the Champions League.This was not the case after pursing Thiago’s Barcelona teammate Cesc Fabregas for several weeks. The Spaniard confirmed to Goal that he had discussed the opportunity to transfer with Moyes, but he declined. Following that, he signed with Chelsea a year later.


To be fair to Moyes, Manchester United reneged on a contract he had arranged for Toni Kroos following his dismissal. Could not the club have persisted for a few additional weeks?


Louis van Gaal, the club’s new manager, lacked the same resolve to acquire Kroos, who instead joined Real Madrid, a club that has shared multiple Champions Leagues with Casemiro.


Kroos stated to The Athletic, “David Moyes had visited me and the contract was nearly finalized when he was fired and Louis van Gaal was hired, which complicated matters.” “Louis van Gaal desired time to develop his own project.” After a period of time passed with no communication from United, I began to have my doubts. As soon as the World Cup commenced, Carlo Ancelotti called. “That was indeed it.”


Jean-Louis Gaal

Riyad Mahrez, Ngolo Kante, Sadio Mane


Louis van Gaal, having blown the agreement for Toni Kroos, instead signed Bayern star Bastian Schweinsteiger, who was overdue. That did not become successful.


Due to his poor track record with acquisitions, the Dutchman subsequently attributed his largely unsuccessful two-year tenure at Old Trafford to recruitment.


Later, Van Gaal provided Sky Sports with an extensive list of players he desired to recruit for Manchester United but was not favored to do so.Powerhouse winger Sadio Mane was among them; he assisted in transforming Liverpool back into a formidable force. Van Gaal failed to persuade him, as Mane was quoted by Talksport as saying, “They even made an offer after we spoke.” However, it did not seem like the appropriate club or time for me at the time.”


Additionally, Van Gaal cited Ngolo Kante and Riyad Mahrez as players he desired to acquire from Leicester City. Following their acquisitions by Manchester City and Chelsea, both athletes went on to win additional league titles.United instead opted for Casemiro, a high-caliber player whose style was notably dissimilar to that of De Jong.


Reportedly, Ten Hag was determined to recruit Harry Kane last summer, but Manchester United’s financial constraints prevented him from spending that much on a single player.


Instead, Kane joined Bayern Munich, where he assisted in United’s elimination from the Champions League.