BREAKING: Barca midfielder who has been forgotten and is eager to impress In the preseason, Hansi Flick was present - soocer442
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BREAKING: Barca midfielder who has been forgotten and is eager to impress In the preseason, Hansi Flick was present



It has been reported by Mundo Deportivo that Pablo Torre, a young midfielder, has made the decision to remain at Barcelona for pre-season training. His objective is to make a good impression on Hansi Flick, the new head coach, and to secure a seat on the team.

Torre had been contemplating two different courses of action earlier: remaining with Barcelona or going back to Girona. In addition, he received offers from clubs in the First Division that were erratic, as well as offers from teams in the Second Division that were more solid but less tempting.

He has made the decision to remain with Barcelona for the time being, despite the fact that these options are available to him.

The medical examination that Torre will undergo will take place at the Ciutat Esportiva on July 10, which is the date that Hansi Flick has designated as the date for the team to resume their training sessions. The evaluation that Flick makes of his capabilities and performance will determine whether or not he will continue to be a member of the squad.

Keeping Torre at Barcelona would be the best option.

BREAKING: Barca midfielder who has been forgotten and is eager to impress In the preseason, Hansi Flick was present
Remember that Xavi, one of the most influential figures at Barcelona, was a staunch supporter of Torre’s signing. This is a crucial fact to keep in mind. On the other hand, he hasn’t got a lot of playing time up to this point.

In light of the fact that Flick’s system makes use of a playmaker, Torre is encouraged by the possibility that he may be included in the squad this time around. On the other hand, he is up against a lot of competition for a position in the middle of the field.

The reason for this is because players such as Pedri, Gavi, Fermin Lopez, Frenkie de Jong, and even Ilkay Gundogan are better than him in terms of their position in the pecking order.

As of right now, Barcelona has not made a final decision on Torre’s future with the team. Given the already packed midfield lineup, sticking with Barcelona might not be the most practical alternative. Torre is currently playing for Barcelona.

Moreover, Torre’s chances of receiving playing time would fall even further if Barcelona decides to bring in another midfielder, particularly one who plays as a pivot. His chances of getting playing time will decrease even further.

Girona is still a possibility here.
Torre is also contemplating the prospect of extending his stay in Girona in light of the circumstances that have arisen. In spite of the fact that he was initially only given a small amount of playing time during his tenure with Girona, his overall contribution to the squad became increasingly important as the season went.

Torre is of the opinion that if he were to remain with Girona for one more season, he would have more opportunities to develop and enhance his game.

In the present moment, there has been no official communication between Barcelona and Girona over the extension of his loan. In order to get a better idea of how things will develop for the young midfielder, the next few weeks will be quite important.

It is going to be very interesting to watch whether he stays at Barcelona and competes for a spot on the team or whether he goes back to Girona to continue his development.

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