Breaking News: As Sunderland's manager slams derbies that "don't let the fans in," Michael Beale break silence and blast Rangers and Celtics with a potshot - soocer442
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Breaking News: As Sunderland’s manager slams derbies that “don’t let the fans in,” Michael Beale break silence and blast Rangers and Celtics with a potshot



Beale believes that in order to “keep football going,” derbies with both sets of fans are necessary. He made this statement while making a subtle reference to Rangers and Celtic.

Michael Beale made a veiled reference to Rangers and Celtic in reference to the continuing impasse regarding the distribution of away games. He made a brief reference to derbies that “don’t let the fans in.”

Beale has had a difficult beginning at the Stadium of Light, despite the fact that he has quickly recovered from his dismissal at Ibrox and gained the position of manager at Sunderland. The highly anticipated Tyne-Wear derby against Newcastle in the FA Cup took place on Saturday, and he was present in the dugout for the entirety of the match. The Magpies emerged victorious with a score of 3-0.

There were 6,000 Georgians sitting in the away section, and they were making their voices heard among the audience of 49,000 people who had purchased tickets. The atmosphere was fantastic.

Michael Beale

Beale was eager to celebrate this achievement, despite the fact that his team had suffered a setback that was disheartening. During the time that Beale was in Glasgow, he was in the dugout for six Old Firm derbies; nevertheless, only two of those derbies, specifically those that took place at Hampden, had a sizeable number of fans from both teams present. Due to the ongoing rivalry between Rangers and Celtic, neither club is currently agreeing to let away fans inside Ibrox or Parkhead. This is because of the existing hostility between the two clubs.

“The noise in the stadium today was absolutely fantastic,” Beale said after the game, indicating that he was aware of this fact and thought it was important to mention it. There are some derbies in which we do not permit the fans to enter, and I have experienced this in both Brazil and Scotland. Consequently, the fact that the derby is played with some of the fans of the opposing team present and the fans competing against one another is what keeps football going.

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