Breaking News: Celtic Fc are considering selling a 33 years-old Midfielder who makes £14,000 per week in January who has been long forgetting - soocer442
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Breaking News: Celtic Fc are considering selling a 33 years-old Midfielder who makes £14,000 per week in January who has been long forgetting



Due to the fact that the January transfer window is drawing near, Celtic has been informed that they should seriously consider selling James McCarthy.

According to Dean Jones, the former Republic of Ireland international midfielder has not played a single minute in the Scottish Premiership this season under Brendan Rodgers. Dean Jones feels that there may be teams interested in signing him when the transfer market opens.

According to Jones, who was quoted by GiveMeSport, “It will be interesting to see what opportunities come along for James McCarthy beginning in January.” Without a doubt, I believe that we will be informed of certain connections.

He does have the impression that he is a forgotten man at Celtic at the moment, and I believe that they need to take into consideration what the future is going to look like and whether or not he is a part of it. I believe that it is highly improbable at this time.”

What is the peculiar situation with James McCarthy’s career at Celtic?

McCarthy was one of the first players to sign a four-year contract with Celtic during the reign of Ange Postecouglou. McCarthy was signed with Celtic during the summer of 2021.

Celtic decided to offer the player, who was 31 years old at the time, a lengthy deal despite the fact that he had only played 42 games for Crystal Palace over the course of three seasons.

Although McCarthy has been with the Celtics for two seasons, he has only made 27 appearances with the first team. Postecoglou is the umbrella term for all of them.

In the time since Brendan Rodgers took over as Celtic manager in the summer, he has not made any appearances for the club in any form.

McCarthy has logged a total of 801 minutes while wearing a Celtic jersey, and he has averaged little more than 29 minutes per game throughout that time. Market for Transfers

This is a very significant financial spend for a single player, as it is fourteen thousand pounds a week [SalarySport]. The fact that McCarthy is one of the players that is being speculated to leave Celtics is not surprising at all.

The decision that Brendan Rodgers made about James McCarthy’s career with Celtic

McCarthy has lately confessed that he is one of those people who will be moving on, and the Celtic boss appears to have a great deal of respect for McCarthy during this time.

The statement was made by Rodgers during the Glagow Live broadcast. “It’s a real shame for James because growing up, he was obviously a Celtic supporter?”

I had a lot of opportunities to watch him play in the Premier League, and I thought he was an incredible talent. He is a wonderful individual, but unfortunately, his time here has been limited due to a couple injuries and niggles, and as a result, he will be trying to move on.

There will be no sugarcoating from Rodgers. Undoubtedly, McCarthy’s tenure at Celtic appears to have come to an end. Considering that he still has a little more than 18 months left on his contract, I would expect that Celtic would not be asking for a significant amount, if any at all, and would just be eager to get him off the pay bill.

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