Brendan Rodgers on Rome heartbreak as Celtic boss looks to put Leicester memories behind him with Lazio win. - soocer442
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Brendan Rodgers on Rome heartbreak as Celtic boss looks to put Leicester memories behind him with Lazio win.



Brendan Rodgers’s most recent visit to the Stadio Olimpico was marred by sorrow. However, the Celtic manager is confident that his squad is capable of standing and fighting and providing him with a memorable evening in Rome.

Rodgers endeavors to secure a significant Champions League outcome in the Italian capital, which would sustain the European campaign of his current club for the duration of the season. The manager attended the venue in May of last year for a Conference League semi-final with his former club Leicester. Jose Mourinho, the Roma counterpart, once more demonstrated his exceptional prowess when Tammy Abraham’s game-winning goal propelled the Italians into the Final.”Advancing Celtic to a European semi-final at some point in the future would be an incredible accomplishment, but we still have a long way to go before we can continue to develop. However, that would without a doubt be the objective.”


Priority is currently placed on maintaining their heads above water on the continent. If the excursions fail to defeat the chain-smoking hosts of Maurizo Sarri, the season would come to an end.Simply being flexible in the game is more important than pragmatism. We have demonstrated that we are capable of imposing our will against Lazio at home, Atletico Madrid at home, Feyenoord for the majority of the first half, and Atletico away for the majority of the first half.


“At this level, concentration is critical. An individual who appears to be in a dormant position may unexpectedly insert a crossfield ball that has the potential to catch you off guard. The primary concern that I have is therefore our level of concentration during the contest.


“Strive to execute our preferred style of play and enforce our own brand of play. The coaches and managers with whom I have had post-game discussions have consistently expressed enthusiasm regarding our performance; however, we are striving to achieve an additional advantage and a successful outcome.Notwithstanding a few instances of promise in their initial four matches, their solitary point on the board lands them at the bottom of the section. Despite the gravity of the situation, Rodgers maintains his composure as he explained: “I believe that we must begin the game in the same manner that we have begun each and every game thus far. We intend to enforce our own agenda.


By accomplishing that within the allotted 90 minutes, we would significantly increase the likelihood of achieving a favorable outcome. Regarding points, I believe we have performed better by more than one. Considering Atletico’s performance at home, that was a high level.


“We have entered each encounter with a sense of authority. Even though Feyenoord had scored a multitude of goals prior to that match, we dominated the action. At nine men, we were compelled to demonstrate our perseverance and fortitude.


“You must demonstrate that consistency, however, in order to earn points at this level. Lazio are seven points behind us, and it is difficult to state that they dominated the first contest.


However, such is the situation. Hopefully, your 90-minute performance and consistency will earn you what you deserve. “We have begun each game with a sense of assurance, and our objective is to maintain that confidence in every contest.”


Undoubtedly, Rodgers’ squad includes players who have accomplished this feat previously, including James Forrest, who scored in Celtic’s Olimpico victory over Lazio four years ago, and captain Callum McGregor. Due to the absences of Luis Palma and Daizen Maeda, the manager suggested that the veteran winger might be given the starting job: “That is correct. Hasn’t James scored at this location? He will remain close, undoubtedly.Truly, that is the way things are. It presents an opportunity for individuals to enter. This presents a chance for individuals to enter the game from the sideline and have an impact.Certain athletes may not have been as prominent during the initial couple of months; therefore, they now have the opportunity and must seize it. Liam Scales is an outstanding and ideal illustration. He capitalized on his opportunity while sitting on the sidelines, demonstrating on a consistent basis that he can perform under pressure and at this level.


“The crowd at home will be enthusiastic.” They desire victory in order to secure a spot in European football. However, that is the reason you participate. This is the type of arena where individuals gather to demonstrate their prowess and character. We intend for you to stand and fight, just as you do.”


Celtic’s final-night match against Feyenoord in Group E could be decided by a victory, and Rodgers added: “We had previously stated that heading into our final game against Feyenoord, we would have accepted that. Nevertheless, as previously stated, we are cognizant of the tasks at hand. We must proceed with extreme aggression, assault the game, and defend well as a unit; the outcome will be determined by our efforts.”Brendan Rodgers on his sorrow in Rome, while the Celtic manager attempts to put his past with Leicester behind him with a victory over Lazio.