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Celtic Fc latest news on Brendan Rodgers touchline ban



After Celtic’s loss to Hearts earlier this month, Celtic manager Brendan Rodgers did not hold back, and the full repercussions of his statements have not yet become obvious.

The match referee, Don Robertson, and the video assistant referee, John Beaton, were both criticized by the Bhoys manager after they made judgments to dismiss Hyunjan Yang and to award Hearts a penalty that was highly questionable.

He has been given a two-match touchline ban by the Scottish FA, which is something that Celtic and Rodgers will appeal at an upcoming hearing. The Scottish FA has decided to sanction him for his actions.

That will take place on the following Thursday, the 28th of March. To put it another way, if his suspension is upheld, Rodgers would be forced to watch matches away from home against Rangers and Livingston, which will take place during a key period in the fight for the championship.

There are those who would consider it a possible element in determining the outcome of those games in terms of points. However, Paul Lambert, who formerly served as the captain of Celtic, believes that it should not have a significant impact.

Regarding the possibility of Brendan Rodgers being suspended, Paul Lambert

Celtic Fc latest news on Brendan Rodgers ban touchline ban
In his opinion, the players are the most important factor in this stage of the season. As reported by The Celtic Way, he stated, “It doesn’t really matter a jot whether Brendan is in the technical area for the Rangers game or if he is serving a ban from the Scottish Football Association.”

He is going to make sure that his players are well-trained, disciplined, and organized. The Celtic players who are currently on the field will be required to assume responsibility at that point. Even if their manager is not present, it will be up to them to deliver a satisfactory performance.

“Brendan is aware of the significance of the Rangers game as well as the buzz surrounding it, but he are only able to lead the players so far. The remaining decisions are up to the Celtic players and what they do on the day in question.

In my opinion, I am inclined to agree with Lambert, as I do not believe that it will have a significant impact on the events that take place on the pitch. Throughout the course of the play itself, Rodgers will make certain that his messages and orders are communicated to the appropriate parties.

When Rodgers made his statement in the aftermath of the Hearts game, he was absolutely correct. Specifically, the decision about the penalty was mind-boggling and appeared to be contradictory with other situations that have occurred in Scotland this season.

It is up to the SFA to decide whether or not to ban him from the league. The measures that they have taken have already demonstrated that things are not going well in the refereeing department, as they have announced a significant departure and review.

The Celtics will only find themselves back in the spotlight for the wrong reasons if they decide to hand out a suspension to the Celtics’ manager.

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