Cristiano Ronaldo provides hilarious reaction to 'unknown' Al Hilal player trying to fight him. - soocer442
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Cristiano Ronaldo provides hilarious reaction to ‘unknown’ Al Hilal player trying to fight him.



The reaction that Cristiano Ronaldo gives to the ‘unknown’ Al Hilal player who is attempting to fight him is really comical.In response to a player from Al Hilal attempting to fight him, Cristiano Ronaldo provided a humorous response.

Over the course of the first Riyadh derby of the season, which took place on Friday at the King Fahd International Stadium, Al Hilal faced off against their rivals Al Nassr.


As a result of the fact that the hosts were only a few points ahead of Al Nassr in the league rankings prior to the game, the level of tension was extremely high.


And one of the players for Al Hilal brought that intensity onto the field by giving the impression that he was willing to fight Ronaldo throughout the first half of the match.Ali Al-Bulayhi confronted the five-time winner of the Ballon d’Or with a ferocious display of gestures directed at the Portuguese superstar.


The video that can be found below shows Ronaldo’s response, which consisted of him putting his hand to his ear and making a cool gesture to indicate that he was unable to hear Al-Bulayhi’s remarks.


A third individual wrote: “It’s always the ones that have like 10k followers and are unknown and do this to get Messi fans love.”


Someone else made a joke about it, saying, “He wanted a picture with Ronaldo.”Furthermore, a number of individuals pointed out that Al-Bulayhi had also been involved in a confrontation with Lionel Messi during the Qatar World Cup. This occurred around the time that Saudi Arabia achieved a spectacular victory over Argentina, who would go on to win the world championship.


During the Riyadh derby, Al Hilal emerged victorious with a score of 3-0, thanks to the contributions of Sergej Milinković-Savić, who scored a goal, and Aleksandar Mitrović, who had previously played for Fulham and scored two goals.


Elsewhere, Ronaldo’s miracle shot was rejected by an extremely close offside judgment, and Al-Bulayhi was ultimately dismissed for dissent in the last minutes of the match.


As a result of the victory, Al Hilal has expanded their lead over Al Nassr in the Saudi Pro League table to seven points.During the match between Al Nassr and Al Akhdoud, Cristiano Ronaldo scored a spectacular goal from a great range.


Al Nassr, whom Ronaldo plays for, faced off against Al Akhdoud in a Saudi Professional League match, which took place on Friday evening.


The team Al Nassr was in second place going into the match, four points behind the team that was leading the pack, Al Hilal.


Sami Al Naji scored the first goal for Al Nassr in the thirteenth minute, and Ronaldo scored the second goal in the seventieth minute to make the score 2-0.A mere three minutes after scoring his first goal, Ronaldo scored a fantastic goal to make the score 3-0. The ball fell to his feet approximately thirty yards from the goal, and he made the goal.


There was a fantastic amount of technique that Ronaldo used in order to control a lob that went into the back of the net while the goalie was racing to close him down. You are able to view his goal down below.However, Inter Miami has refuted the report, which has left a great number of football fans feeling dissatisfied.


The following is an excerpt from a statement released by the Major League Soccer club: “Earlier today, an announcement was issued stating that Inter Miami CF is scheduled to play in the Riyadh Season Cup.” There is a mistake in this.


Statements that were attributed to Jorge Mas, the owner of the team, were included in the release. Regarding the pre-season trip, Mas has not provided any comments, either in public or in private.


It went on to say that “Inter Miami CF has made it a goal to become a global brand from the very beginning.” In light of this, we have been having discussions in order to figure out the preseason schedule for the year 2024.An announcement on Inter Miami CF’s first overseas tour is expected to be made within the next few weeks, and we are excited to showcase our players on this tour.


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