Fans surprised after spotting who Luton’s club doctor is during Premier League clash against Arsenal. - soocer442
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Fans surprised after spotting who Luton’s club doctor is during Premier League clash against Arsenal.



After revealing Ultimate Team, Erling Haaland’s expenditures on EA Sports FC astounded fans.Fans were taken aback when they discovered who Luton’s club physician was during their Premier League match against Arsenal.After the 31-year-old

physician discussed his occupation on the program, many were informed of Amos’ vocation; however, many were not cognizant of his position at the newly-promoted Luton.A very familiar face was observed by spectators of last night’s Premier League match between Luton Town and Arsenal on the Kenilworth Road bench.


As Gabriel Martinelli and Gabriel Osho tied the game at 1-1 in the first half, the Amazon Prime team directed their attention towards Luton manager Rob Edwards.


However, instead of commenting on Edwards’ response to his team’s outstanding performance, supporters noticed Dr. Amos Ogunkoya, the youngest first-team club physician in England’s top flight.


This year, Kieran Tompsett, who was also reinstated after being evicted on day one, appeared on the popular BBC reality program The Traitors alongside Amos, who was seated behind Edwards on the substitutes bench.The following is the response of social media to Amos’ most recent television appearance.


“Having Amos from The Traitors serve as the Luton’s Club Doctor has truly brightened my day,” one supporter exclaimed. “I observed him administer medical attention to a player on the pitch during last week’s overtime match against Luton’s opponents.” “Very irate.”A third wrote, “I’ve been curious as to where the Lutonan was sitting on the bench.” “Only the vile Amos from the Traitors is present!”After that, he became a member of Luton prior to their inaugural Premier League season.


In an article for the website of the Royal College of General Practitioners, he described his path to becoming a member of an elite team in football as follows: “Although I had anticipated that it was a possibility, it became increasingly apparent that it was feasible.


“When I consider it this way, there are a limited number of physicians overall, as well as physicians and sports scientists.” Few physicians have experience in football; therefore, it becomes more probable once those prerequisites are met, as I possessed additional credentials and experience.


“I didn’t think I’d be in the Premier League this quickly, but it was always part of the plan.”