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‘Made me chuckle’… Gary Neville now reacts to what Pep Guardiola said about him



“I was made to chuckle”… Currently, Gary Neville responds to Pep Guardiola’s remark regarding him.Gary Neville responded to Pep Guardiola’s remark that he has not achieved back-to-back Premier League championships.

Following the ubiquitous success of the remarks made by the Manchester City manager during his most recent press conference (as reported by Hayters TV), the renowned analyst responded on TikTok.Pep Guardiola’s assessment of Micah Richards, Jamie Carragher, and Gary Neville

Gary Neville asserted that Manchester City exhibited indications of “complacency” following their 3-3 stalemate with Tottenham Hotspur, while Pep Guardiola underscored the formidable task of claiming four consecutive Premier League titles.


“He is aware of the difficulty.” Gary Neville would have won four [consecutive] Premier Leagues during Manchester United’s golden age had he not been injured. “However, he didn’t do it, you know?” Pep Guardiola stated via Hayters TV regarding Gary Neville.Guardiola further stated, “Jamie Carragher never won a championship.” Micah Richards failed to secure four consecutive Premier League victories. Certainly never. Such has never occurred. It is more probable that it will not occur than that it will occur. One treble remains before us. Repeating the task is extremely challenging. “We lack what others have accomplished many years ago; we have not done it ourselves.”Nevertheless, Gary Neville found the situation humorous, remarking to Pep Guardiola, “However, we shall commence [on the subsequent episode of The Overlap’s program, Stick To Football]; I’m certain Carra [Jamie Carragher] and I will begin with the old master Pep [Guardiola] having a go at us. I, at failing to secure four consecutive Premier League championships. Apologies, Pep. I apologize for the inconvenience caused. And for my friend James from Liverpool, who, throughout his career, never participated in the Premier League title celebrations; that did cause me to snicker slightly.


“Carragher was required to return to Pep, wasn’t he? He is unable to transcend it and interpret it favorably; he confides in Pep, “Had I been owned by a nation-state or faced 115 charges for rule-breaking, I would have likely won the Premier League.””Carra, I believe you would have been crowned Premier League champion had you not continued to concede goals from behind.” “That would have been an enormous asset to your team,” he wrote on TikTok.


In the end, Manchester City supporters will likely value Gary Neville’s response more than Jamie Carragher’s, who appeared visibly enraged by Pep Guardiola’s remarks.