‘He will be an Arsenal player’… £60m player now backed to join the Gunners. - soocer442
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‘He will be an Arsenal player’… £60m player now backed to join the Gunners.



“He will play for Arsenal”… A £60 million player is proposed to join Arsenal.Ivan Toney will likely depart Brentford within the following calendar year.


The striker has expressed his clear desire to advance to the next level and has openly acknowledged that he has transcended his current club.Since the summer, a number of clubs have been strongly associated to the England international, but Arsenal and Chelsea have been linked with a £60 million transfer for the player.

Scott Minto, who was discussing Toney’s future on TalkSPORT, has predicted that the striker will ultimately join Arsenal, but not during the January transfer window.Toney, according to Minto, will join Arsenal.

Minto offered his assessment of the future of the striker.


“Brentford supporters are cognizant of the fact that his departure time is more crucial than whether he departs.” I believe that until the conclusion of the season, he owes the club his presence; thereafter, he is gone. “No matter how much I would love to see him play for Chelsea, I believe he will be with Arsenal the following season,” Minto said.


Very far to go

Toney’s ultimate destination is difficult to forecast, particularly if his transfer occurs during the summer as opposed to January.Undoubtedly, considerable time elapses before the summer transfer window, during which considerable magnitude of events may transpire.


If Chelsea continue to struggle in the final third, the club may become even more frantic for a striker, whereas Arsenal may consider investing a substantial amount of money in a new forward if Gabriel Jesus or Eddie Nketiah maintain their goal-scoring consistency.


Because there are so many variables at play, it is nearly impossible to predict summer transfers in advance. Speculating on the destination of a player like Toney, who is presently banned from playing, is a fool’s errand.