‘He’s the one’: Pundit says Arsenal can win the league if ‘fantastic’ player doesn’t get injured. - soocer442
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‘He’s the one’: Pundit says Arsenal can win the league if ‘fantastic’ player doesn’t get injured.



There is a pundit who believes that Arsenal has the potential to win the league if their “fantastic” player does not sustain an injury.It is highly likely that Arsenal will emerge victorious in the Premier League championship race this year.

The Gunners are now in first place in the table, despite the fact that they have not yet moved out of third gear this season. Given that Manchester City appears to be in a precarious position at the moment, the north London club will be thinking that this is their year.Clinton Morrison, while appearing on Premier League Productions, has identified one thing that absolutely needs to take place in order for Arsenal to win the Premier League title. Of course, there are a lot of things that need to go right for any side to claim victory in the Premier League.


In the event that Arsenal is able to maintain Bukayo Saka healthy throughout the entirety of the season, Morrison believes that the club will have a significant opportunity to win the league.If Saka is able to maintain his fitness, Arsenal has a fantastic opportunity.

His judgment of the young assailant was communicated by Morrison.


“You need to keep Jesus fit, but I’ve told you, the starboy is the one, Saka, he’s the one, if you keep Saka fit you’ll have a great chance, he’s a fantastic footballer, Odegaard is coming back into the team, and they need to get Havertz scoring goals,” Morrison said. “In addition, they need to get Havertz scoring goals.”


Incomparable to it

Saka is the one player on this Arsenal team who cannot be replaced regardless of what happens.While it is true that other players are of critical significance, it is also true that every other member of the team have a natural successor who is prepared to take over. Unfortunately, Saka does not have a substitute in place.


Although Arsenal does have other wingers, Saka is the only one that possesses the same level of threat and attributes as another winger.


Saka is a left-footer who plays on the right side of the field, which makes him an extremely dangerous player. Arsenal does not have another player who is capable of playing in this manner and cutting inside with such venom.


Saka is extremely important to Arsenal, and if he is able to maintain his fitness over the full season, Arsenal will have a genuine opportunity to win the championship.