'I just love this': Thierry Henry wowed by £45m Arsenal star during RC Lens thrashing last night. - soocer442
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‘I just love this’: Thierry Henry wowed by £45m Arsenal star during RC Lens thrashing last night.



Gabriel Jesus’ contributions to Arsenal’s 6-0 rout of RC Lens in the UEFA Champions League were praised by Thierry Henry.

The squad led by Mikel Arteta ruthlessly advanced to the round of 16, with Gabriel Jesus scoring his fourth goal in his fourth Champions League appearance for Arsenal.The Brazil international feigned a shot inside the penalty area while encircled by opponents in order to score his own goal.


A certain legendary figure, Thierry Henry, was captivated by that segment of the action and remarked, “I simply adore this,” as he spoke to CBS Sports on Paramount+ (29/11/23 at 10:15 pm).


Similar to what Gabriel Jesus did earlier in the season against Manchester United in the Premier League, he sold his defender in order to score a goal.Thierry Henry made allusion to this when he stated that Arsenal’s £45 million acquisition (Sky Sports) is “excellent” for the objectives of Mikel Arteta’s squad.


Nicholas Thierry extols Gabriel Jesus.

“I simply adore this,” Henry remarked of Jesus’ pretended attempt to aim prior to scoring. “He accomplished it during the break against Manchester United; I’m not sure if you recall that.”


“Everyone anticipated that he would fire there.” Observe how he accomplishes it. Suddenly, he cuts and returns. Gabriel Jesus serves as a critical figure in our lives.


“When will he achieve 20–25 points?” I sincerely hope so. However, his overall actions are nothing but beneficial for us.”Poorly rated Gabriel Christ

Based on the responsibilities and expectations placed upon Jesus, particularly beyond the penalty area, it is true that the player is undervalued outside of Arsenal.


Comparable to Roberto Firmino when he was at Liverpool at his peak. He is capable of inspiring others to sing and perform.


Indeed, he is capable of scoring additional goals; he himself states as much.


However, as demonstrated yesterday against RC Lens, he is surrounded by sufficient goal threat to enable him to spend more time away from the danger zone and allow the entire team’s system to function.


This was an Arsenal thrashing of the highest caliber and an indication that the club is beginning to improve.Thierry Henry exclaimed, “I just love this,” as the £45 million Arsenal star dominated RC Lens last night.