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I turned down two chances to coach Manchester United and became a beloved figure at Liverpool FC



I consider myself really fortunate to have the opportunity to speak with Sir Alex. “Sitting there and listening is almost the best thing a manager can do.”

“I haven’t heard of a real offer.” Nevertheless, if there had been, I would not have been able to complete the task.

“I had to finish what I was doing with Dortmund first, then think about other things.”

“Maybe that is not smart, but that is my way.”

I turned down two chances to coach Manchester United and became a beloved figure at Liverpool FC

Ten years after David Moyes was fired from his position as manager of Manchester United, fans continue to speculate about what would have occurred if the club had signed someone else instead of Moyes.

If someone were to argue that whoever succeeded Sir Alex Ferguson as manager was doomed to fail, regardless of how talented they were, there are strong arguments for the opposite. However, there are also significant justifications for the opposite perspective.

Ferguson made Moyes his choice to succeed him as manager when he ultimately stepped down after 26 years in charge, but the famous manager was also interested in Jurgen Klopp before making his decision.

The German coach became well-known for his “heavy metal” football style, which led to Borussia Dortmund winning two league titles. This style of play gained him a big renown. However, he desired to remain involved with the project while it was still in its early stages.

It was even possible for Klopp to meet with Ferguson in order to discuss Ferguson’s intentions to quit Old Trafford. It was made quite plain by Klopp that he was not prepared to take on such a significant role at this juncture.

Within the context of their meeting in April 2013, Klopp stated, “We talked.” “We didn’t talk for long, but it felt like a long time to me.” To tell you the truth, the entire talk was a great chance for me. I had the desire to leave Dortmund, but I was unable to do so.

There you are, in the month of April, already making preparations for the following season. A player like this and another player like this are on their way, but you are no longer present. That is not going to work. In my life, the answer is no.

“I didn’t know if United made a real offer, but if they did, I couldn’t have taken it.” My task with Dortmund needed to be completed first, and only after that could I consider other matters.

“That might not be smart, but that’s how I do things.” Additionally, the same event occurred in Mainz.

Although Ferguson exerted a great deal of effort, he was unable to convince the dynamic coach to visit Manchester. On the other hand, he left a significant impression on the coach. “It’s an honor to talk to Sir Alex,” according to him. When you are in a position of authority, the most beneficial thing you can do is simply sit there and listen.

“Perhaps he is the best player ever—the John Lennon of football.” Regarding you, I have a great deal of respect. A other boss would have a difficult time doing what he did.

Additionally, Dortmund finished in second place in both the Bundesliga and the Champions League during that particular season. Because of this, Klopp became more determined than ever to guide the squad to victory in a major championship before he left.

Moyes attempted to accomplish the impossible at Old Trafford, while Klopp attempted to accomplish the equally impossible by attempting to defeat Bayern Munich after they had won the renowned treble the previous season.

Although they would emerge victorious in the first Super Cup of the season, Bayern would go on to defeat them once more in the Bundesliga as well as the German Cup.

United, on the other hand, was not deterred by it. Moyes was dismissed from his position as manager after ten months in charge, and Klopp, along with Louis Van Gaal of the Netherlands, Diego Simeone of Atletico Madrid, and Laurent Blanc of Paris Saint-Germain, soon became the leading candidates for the position.

United inquired about the possibility of reappointing him to his previous position, but they were informed that Klopp was adamant about retaining his position at Signal Iduna Park.

It was Ed Woodward, who was serving as executive vice-chairman at the time, who traveled out to meet with Jurgen Klopp in an effort to convince him to take over as manager of United Football Club before they fired Moyes. It was not successful.

The author of the biography of Jurgen Klopp, Raphael Honigstein, claimed in his book “Bring the Noise” that “David Moyes’ short time at Old Trafford was coming to an end, and Klopp was United’s favorite to replace him, to bring back a sense of adventure to the Red Devils’ game.”

In a conversation with Klopp, Woodward described the Theatre of Dreams as “similar to an adult Disneyland.” According to him, it was a legendary location where aspirations were realized, and the show was among the best in the world, just as the name implied. In spite of the fact that Klopp was not entirely convinced by that sales pitch—he said to a friend that it was a little “unsexy”—he did not completely dismiss the possibility either.

There was still the possibility that United would be successful in convincing Klopp to relocate to Manchester, but the more he reflected about the matter, the more he desired to conclude his tenure at Dortmund on a positive note.

It wasn’t long after that that he made the following statement: “Man United is a great club, and I feel very familiar with their wonderful fans.” “But my commitment to Borussia Dortmund and the people is not breakable.”

This summer, when Klopp leaves Liverpool, he will leave behind a similar unshakable tie that will continue to exist. If he had chosen Manchester rather than Merseyside, it is only natural that followers of Manchester United to wonder what might have been.

Klopp will be remembered as a hero, despite the fact that Liverpool is still experiencing difficulties after Ferguson’s departure. This is despite the fact that he probably ought to have won more during his tenure at the club for Liverpool.

“I don’t want to think about that right now,” responded the woman. The statement that Klopp made to the reporters after he startled everyone by departing was, “I don’t have to remember anything now.” “In my ideal world, the best times are still to come.”

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