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I was in disbelief that Manchester United made the same mistake again



Moments missed by Andre Onana Howler during Manchester United’s match against Galatasaray evoked Peter Schmeichel’s disbelief that United had repeated the error.Was it ever going to be this way? It never was. Wednesday night began with Manchester United racing into a two-goal lead, but what was once a “Welcome to Hell” soon transformed into heaven.

The excellent week of Alejandro Garnacho continued with a goal from him, and Bruno Fernandes extended the advantage with a magnificent long-range shot.


Almost too wonderful to be true, it appeared. It quickly became to be the same. United, ecstatic with their own complete disbelief, were overcommitted. A foolish foul committed by Fernandes on the periphery of the box was penalized by Hakim Ziyech’s foolish goal.Once more, United had defied the odds and appeared to be in a precarious position. Thus far, it had characterized their Champions League campaign.Despite Scott McTominay reestablishing their two-goal advantage, they managed to instigate even more irrational chaos. Ziyech missed with yet another feeble free-kick, and Muhammed Aktürkoğlu’s powerful strike rendered it inconsequential.


United had never scored a goal away from home prior to their 3–0 loss to Galatasaray, yet they still managed to secure the victory. Like their performances against FC Copenhagen and Bayern Munich. It is extremely difficult to feel sympathy.


Although Marcus Rashford’s red card was regarded as the deciding factor in their matchday four loss to Copenhagen, the cruel reality is that they failed to properly manage the game regardless of the number of players on the field.


One peculiar characteristic of United is that one becomes engrossed in the match’s atmosphere, certain that things will be different this time, only to witness its predictable collapse.Despite the fact that Istanbul felt distinct, it ultimately felt more similar. Unbelievably, United relinquished control of a position that ought to have been comfortable.


Clearly, Andre Onana’s subpar goalkeeping played a role; however, similar to Marcus Rashford’s red card in their previous European match, it was not the sole reason they succumbed.


Last night, United conceded two goals in nine minutes, compared to two goals in four minutes against Copenhagen, two goals in ten minutes at home to Galatasaray, and two goals in four minutes against Bayern Munich. It is easy to place the responsibility on the goalkeeper, but this group has a fundamental lack of discipline, identity, and control.


It is inexcusable to fail to close out a 2-0 or even a 3-1 lead against such opposition, which, despite their performance that evening, is and has been a Premier League rejections’ club.


Ten Hag assumed leadership with commendable intentions of assembling a unit capable of squandering possession and dominating matches, but nearly eighteen months into his tenure, they continue to be a unit that relies on counterattacks and moments of advantage to inflict significant damage.Constantly performing the same action while anticipating various outcomes constitutes insanity. United has committed the same errors throughout the entire season.