'I'd be waiting there': Rio Ferdinand says he'd be hammering 25-year-old Arsenal player if he was his teammate. - soocer442
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‘I’d be waiting there’: Rio Ferdinand says he’d be hammering 25-year-old Arsenal player if he was his teammate.



Rio Ferdinand states, “I would be waiting there” if the 25-year-old Arsenal footballer were his teammate.Rio Ferdinand has confessed that if Aaron Ramsdale were a teammate of the Arsenal goalkeeper, he would be hammering him.


Ferdinand was speaking to TNT Sports (broadcast on 25/11; 17:08) prior to the Gunners’ match against Brentford when he discussed his father’s podcast in which he discussed the Emirates goalkeeper predicament.On Saturday, Aaron Ramsdale made his first appearance in the Premier League in nearly three months. Due to the loan status of David Raya from Brentford, the Spaniard was deemed ineligible to represent the Gtech Community Stadium.


Rio Ferdinand claims that if the Arsenal star Aaron Ramsdale were a teammate, he would pulverize him.

The predicament of Ramsdale at Arsenal has perplexed numerous individuals. Mikel Arteta abandoned the custodian following what appeared to be an outstanding performance as number one.Unexpectedly, Ramsdale’s father recently appeared on the Highbury Squad podcast for an interview. His son’s predicament was also discussed openly.


It is difficult to believe that the 25-year-old benefited in any way from the podcast. Furthermore, when queried about this prior to Saturday’s match, Rio Ferdinand implied that he would have likely received considerable criticism from his teammates.

“Imagine entering training on a Monday following your father’s appearance on a podcast. The mistreatment you would endure. He would be hammered by me. “While I awaited the player, I would be there hammering,” he told TNT Sports.Currently, the goalkeeper is in an impossible position.

Ramsdale is currently in a dire situation. Earlier this season, his judgment to applaud a save by David Raya was analyzed. He is unable to evade the spotlight.


Consequently, he was scrutinized on Saturday when Arsenal hosted Brentford. Unfortunately, a moment of extreme instability by Ramsdale came close to allowing the Bees to score first.


The precise rationale behind Mikel Arteta’s decision to acquire David Raya may come into focus in the coming months and years.


However, Saturday demonstrated that Arteta signed Raya in the summer, which was a significant risk. He might ultimately be exonerated. Nonetheless, it appears that he has effectively dashed Ramsdale’s confidence.


Furthermore, Arteta’s decision to supplant Raya at number one will backfire miserably if Raya is unable to improve.