"I'm not sure, to be really sure." – A response from Jurgen Kloop to Evangelos Marinakis's angry tweets about Nottingham Forest after Liverpool beat them 1-0 - soocer442
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“I’m not sure, to be really sure.” – A response from Jurgen Kloop to Evangelos Marinakis’s angry tweets about Nottingham Forest after Liverpool beat them 1-0



Evans Marinakis, the owner of Nottingham Forest, was very mad when Liverpool won late, and Jurgen Klopp talked about it.

Klopp, the boss of Liverpool, asked Evangelos Marinakis where his anger came from after his team’s last-second 1-0 win at the City Ground on Saturday. Marinakis owns the Nottingham Forest team. Reds’ defense of their Premier League title got a boost from Darwin Nunez’s header in the 99th minute. The goal led to some really cool scenes at the end of the game.

In Klopp’s last season as manager, he wanted to win four trophies. But against Forest, Liverpool looked tired and without any plans. One more brilliant moment from a single person kept that dream alive. When he came on in the second half, Nunez got that goal. The away team moved four points ahead of Manchester City to the top of the Premier League table.

But it caused some trouble. There was a break in the game because Ibrahima Konata hurt his head in Liverpool’s area. When the game was stopped, Callum Hudson-Odoi had the ball on the left side of the field. However, Tierney did not hand the ball back to Forest when the game began again. Instead, he let Liverpool begin again.

"I'm not sure, to be really sure." – A response from Jurgen Kloop to Evangelos Marinakis's angry tweets about Nottingham Forest after Liverpool beat them 1-0

Then the winning goal made Forest feel bad about all the chances they missed earlier in the game. It was now only four points between them and the relegation zone, and they could still lose points.

There were Forest players and coaches all around Tierney after the game was over. A fight with Virgil van Dijk was also seen between them while the away fans were going crazy with joy. For what he did, Tierney showed Forest coach Steven Reid the red card. Reid and Marinakis then tried to start a fight by running after the referee down the hallway.

But Klopp didn’t pay attention to Forest’s complaints after the game. Klopp inquired. “That’s how it went earlier in the game, right?” “The opposite of what it looks like. That was how it went earlier in the game, so I thought it would happen again. If things hadn’t gone that way, I might have asked the same question.

But I think that’s the rule now. I really don’t know. It did happen twice, though, and each time it was the same. That’s all there is to it. I don’t know why we should talk about it. After that, we had to make a certain number of moves before we could score.

“I completely understand how people in Nottingham are feeling happy, sad, angry, and other emotions.” Of course, they fought for everything. Though this did happen twice, and both times it was dealt with in the same way. “I guess that makes sense.”

BBC Radio Five Live’s Rob Schofield said that they yelled “Respect the players!” the whole way to Tierney’s office. Watch out for the players! This happens every week! Thanks to the players!”

Security reportedly had to hold Marinakis back because things were about to get tense in the background while Liverpool and Forest were having a good time.

The last six games for Liverpool have all been wins. They beat Chelsea last weekend to win their 10th Carabao Cup, which is a record.

Klopp is about to have a tough time. The next three games he plays are in the FA Cup, against City in the Premier League, and against Sparta Prague in the Europa League.

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