‘I'm stronger than him’: Joelinton says he’s way more powerful than Arsenal’s £27m player. - soocer442
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‘I’m stronger than him’: Joelinton says he’s way more powerful than Arsenal’s £27m player.



Joelinton asserts that he is significantly more powerful than Arsenal’s 24-million-pound star, saying, “I’m stronger than him.”While playing in the Premier League, Joelinton is without a question one of the most powerful players.

The Brazilian’s presence in the Magpies’ midfield is nothing short of a monumental force. Because of his combination of strength and speed, he is able to intimidate any of his opponents, and there aren’t many people in the division who would want to mess with him.The striker-turned-midfielder has been debating his strength rating on the new EA FC 24 game, and he has been challenged to estimate whether he is stronger than some of his Premier League competitors. This discussion has been taking place on the YouTube channel of the Premier League.


Joelinton was questioned about whether or not he believes he is stronger than Gabriel Magalhaes, who plays for Arsenal. The star player for Newcastle was certain in his belief that he is, in fact, stronger than Magalhaes, who is a defender for Arsenal and costs £27 million.Joelinton asserts that he is more powerful than Gabriel.

In his assessment of the strength of his Brazil colleagues, the Newcastle midfielder provided his opinion.


A statement was made by the host, “For the final one, we have Gabriel.”


Gabriel Magalhaes, please. According to Joelinton, “I am more powerful than he is.””You are absolutely right, you are stronger than him. He is rated 86, but you outstrength him, just about,” In addition, the host stated.


The end

Although Joeltinon believes that he is more powerful than Gabriel, we really can’t call this one at this point.


A 50/50 challenge would be quite interesting to watch because both guys are pure man-mountains, and we would be very curious to see who would emerge victorious.


When it comes to aerial duels, Gabriel is far more powerful than Joelinton; yet, if Joelinton were to run at Gabriel with all of his might, we are not certain that the Arsenal star would be able to knock him off the ball.


These two players are without a doubt two of the most physically intimidating players in the Premier League this season. The Premier League is currently home to a large number of players who possess enormous power.


The next time Newcastle and Arsenal square up against one another, this is a match that should be watched closely.