In spite of the fact that Todd Cantwell is not yet at the top of the Rangers' hierarchy, the playmaker is aware of the position that will assist him in reaching that level. - soocer442
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In spite of the fact that Todd Cantwell is not yet at the top of the Rangers’ hierarchy, the playmaker is aware of the position that will assist him in reaching that level.



On Christmas Eve, the playmaker scored a goal alongside his former Norwich teammate while they were strolling through Fir Park.

Even though the heavens opened and the wind howled on the evening of Christmas Eve in Lanarkshire, it was not all about attitude and application after all.

The victory that Rangers achieved at Fir Park was a result of a good amount of ability that was welded to the characteristics that Philippe Clement requires as non-negotiable demands. From the very beginning, they were able to completely dominate a Motherwell team that appeared to have more faith in Santa Claus than they had in their chances of defeating a Rangers team that had been on a relentless streak of sixteen games without suffering a loss.

Breaking News: After Clement signed a former Beale target, the Rangers will make three alterations to their roster.

It goes without saying that the fact that Stuart Kettlewell’s team had not been victorious in any of their previous 14 games, which now totaled 15, played a role in that. After they had gotten over their feelings of inferiority, they found themselves trailing by two goals in the first sixteen minutes of the match. The goals had been scored by Kieran Dowell and Todd Cantwell, and they were already halfway to Ibrox. Cantwell played a significant role in all that Rangers accomplished throughout the first period of the game; but, after the game, he expressed his satisfaction by underlining the contribution made by his former Norwich City teammate, Dowell, who has been performing exceptionally well in the most recent matches since returning to the team after a protracted absence due to injury.

“I feel sorry for Kieran,” the midfielder conveyed his feelings. Almost immediately after signing the contract, he had a serious injury, which is challenging since it alters the way things appear for him. When he arrived, he appeared to be in good shape; nevertheless, he has sustained an injury since then.

It is commendable that he has maintained his consistency in training. On each and every day, he has maintained his consistency. Without a doubt, he is one of the best football players in the world. I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play alongside him at Norwich, where we had a lot of success. At this point, it is also the plan.

They definitely did a good job of coordinating their efforts on Christmas Eve, as Cantwell and his teammates overcame the circumstances, as well as a Motherwell squad that began off poorly but improved after the interval. He continued by saying, “It was difficult, and to tell you the truth, it was about as windy a game as I’ve ever played in.” In the second half, it was really difficult to break out of our own half of the field.

On the other hand, we came to win, and not everything is going to be as nice as you might like it to be. I believe that the fact that we scored two goals early on was a huge help to us since it meant that we did not have to chase the game at that point.

In order for us to prevail, we needed to demonstrate some resiliency. Personally, I don’t believe that it was a game that was really fun to watch. However, there are times when the top teams have to figure out a strategy to win in a variety of different conditions.

We made sure that we won the game and preserved a clean sheet once more today, despite the fact that things are not always going to go the way you want them to.

Despite the fact that Cantwell’s goal, which was a wonderful finish at the end of a long flowing passing move, was his first in the league this season, the playmaker is not beating himself up over his total. He is optimistic that he will be able to achieve more success now that he is playing in his favored position of No. 10, rather than out wide right.

He expressed his thoughts by saying, “It’s nice to score, but it’s not something I put a lot of pressure on myself over.” Even though I am aware of the kind of player I am and the contributions I provide to the team, it is still a pleasant experience to score.

Todd Cantwell, who plays for the Rangers, celebrates with James Tavernier. a picture of the SNS Group
“There is absolutely no mystery about the fact that I take pleasure in holding that position. This is the position in which I believe I am able to play the best football. I am not sure if I am now playing the best football that I am capable of, but I am getting to that level, and I would say that I am enjoying playing in that position certainly.

Despite the fact that Rangers were delighted with their performance in the afternoon, Motherwell were not. Stuart Kettlewell, the manager of Fir Park, was dissatisfied with the way his team began the game on Sunday. He referred to his players as ignorant upon discovering that they were trailing by a score of 2-0 after only 16 minutes of play.

“The first few minutes was the defining moment of the game,” he remarked. It doesn’t matter what you call it—fragility, soft underbelly, or anything else you want to name it—the fact remains that it is more difficult to concede a first goal than it is to keep possession of the ball and play it into a more advantageous area.

The fact that we detected and corrected that issue before to the game is the source of the most of our frustration. From our perspective, it is quite foolish. Regarding the second goal, we are aware that Cantwell is capable of performing well around the box; but, I consider this to be emergency defense, which means putting your body on the line for your team.

Over the course of the second half, we shown a remarkable reaction and produced a few moments. I have full faith that these players will be able to turn things around. It has been demonstrated to me that they are capable of accumulating a significant number of points at this level.

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