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In what specific circumstances is 28 years-old Kyogo Furuhashi, a striker for Celtic, currently involved?



As is the case with all strikers. In the event that they go a couple of games without scoring, the entire world will come crashing down on them.

Kyogo Furuhashi, a striker for Celtic, has been having a difficult run, according to the management of the club. This was not Brendan Rodgers who was commenting about the goal drought that Celtic’s star forward is currently experiencing; rather, it was Ange Postecoglou who was saying in October of the previous year.

There is a narrative that suggests that Rodgers’ strategies have been a contributing factor, if not the sole cause, of Kyogo’s decrease in goal-scoring productivity this season. Nevertheless, even while Postecoglou was in charge, the striker went through phases of poor form and appeared to be experiencing confidence difficulties.

Kyogo’s struggles have been attributed to Rodgers, who has attempted to deflect blame by claiming that he is attempting to convince his striker to stop allowing his frustration at his lack of involvement (he touched the ball only four times in the first half against Hearts, despite Celtic controlling nearly 75 percent of the ball) to get the better of him on the pitch.

In what specific circumstances is 28 years-old Kyogo Furuhashi, a striker for Celtic, currently involved?

His greatest power, which is his capacity to infiltrate behind defenses, is rendered null and void when he does this because it causes him to wander into deeper locations. On the other hand, it is up to Rodgers to create a scheme that will allow them to capitalize on that strength while facing rival backlines that are deep in the pocket.

When Postecoglou spoke to a “couple of games” from the previous year, he was actually referring to a streak of exactly one goal in eight games. During his time under the direction of the Australian, Furuhashi was occasionally reprimanded for his inability to capitalize on opportunities in the Champions League. However, he has shown significant improvement this season, scoring twice in six matches played at the highest level.

Without a doubt, the fact that he has only scored six goals in the Premier League in 18 matches is a matter for concern. On this day in the previous year, he scored his eleventh goal of the season against Livingston at Celtic Park. He had played only fifteen games during the season.

This coming Saturday, all eyes will be on the same game to see if Kyogo can finally put an end to his goal drought that he has been experiencing. In his last twelve appearances for Celtic in all competitions, he has only scored once, and he has not scored in any of the seven games that have passed since he scored the goal in the 6-0 thrashing of Aberdeen.

The fact that he sustained a major head blow as a result of a hit on the head from Dons defender Slobodan Rubezic during a pounding challenge was another noteworthy aspect of the game. As a result, he was unable to participate in Japan’s matches in November.

To tell you the truth, he has not appeared to be the same player since then. There does appear to be a spark that is missing from his play at the moment, and it is unclear if he is lacking confidence or is being overly careful for his own benefit.

The argument that he isn’t firing on all cylinders owing to a lack of supply is, of course, a valid one; however, this argument is slightly weakened by the fact that he missed a magnificent Luis Palma pass in the game against Hearts that took place last weekend.

On the other hand, one could say that Kyogo has gone from being able to feast on crosses to being unable to do so in terms of his supply from wide areas throughout the course of the league season. His goal against Aberdeen was a return to the formula that had worked him so well in previous seasons. A teammate had gotten to the byline and cutting back for him to complete with one touch. This was the formula that had served him so well in the past.

When compared to the kind of service he is currently receiving, that was an exceptional instance. In spite of the fact that Palma has caused a stir with his goals, he does not possess the same level of inventiveness as Jota, who was his predecessor on the left side of the Celtic attack. Additionally, he would rather get shots off by cutting in on his stronger right foot than by going to the byline to supply for others. This is because his right foot is stronger.

Kyogo, on the other hand, will be pleased to see Daizen Maeda and Liel Abada return, both of whom are approaching their respective return dates. A number of factors, including the dependence on an aging James Forrest, the introduction of Yang Hyun-jun, and the persistence with Mikey Johnston, have all done little more than kindle the ire of Celtic fans and elevate their blood pressure.

Kyogo has also seen a decline in performance as a consequence of the injury problems that have afflicted Reo Hatate throughout the season.

There has been some excellent link-up play with Matt O’Riley, who has been Celtic’s player of the season so far. This is most notable for the spectacular goal that they built together against Atletico Madrid at Celtic Park. On the other hand, there is little question that the loss of Kyogo’s understanding with his fellow countryman is a significant one for both Celtic and the striker.

Kyogo is currently failing to reach the heights he has been known to hit at various periods throughout his Celtic career. Therefore, the reason why Kyogo is currently unable to reach those heights is not a single but rather an imperfect storm. For the most part, however, the fact that he has had such occasional drops in form in the past during his time in Scotland is mostly forgotten.

Sunday mail football writer Mark Guidi reveals the next team Ex-Celtic 24 years-old winger Jota will be heading to next! Back to Parkhead or Not! these january transfer?

If Jota were to return to Parkhead, how much would the Celtic fans be willing to pay for that? There is a rumor that has been going around for a little while now, and it has been spreading. On the other hand, is it even possible?

As a result of his transfer from Celtic in the summer for a fee of twenty-five million pounds, the Portuguese star has been left out in the cold for the majority of his time at Al-Ittihad.

In light of the fact that Nuno Espirito Santo has been fired and is currently in the process of traveling to Nottingham Forest for discussions, Mark Guidi believes that this is the possible destination for the 24-year-old player at this time.

Sunday mail football writer Mark Guidi reveals the next team Ex-Celtic 24 years-old winger Jota will be heading to next! Back to Parkhead or Not! these january transfer?

During an episode of The Go Radio Football Show, Guidi stated, “Espirito Santo is flying in for talks with Nottingham Forest. Of course, Ross Wilson, the former director of football for Rangers, is currently working in a similar role at Nottingham Forest, so he will have some input.”

“If we are just connecting the dots, I am curious as to whether or not if Nuno Espirito Santos is successful in obtaining that position, would that make it possible for Jota to go there on loan in January, considering that Santos previously signed them for the Saudi Arabian club?”

Perhaps Jota will come back to Celtic.
Several reports from the previous evening seem to indicate that his club is eager to convince him to come back to Glasgow. In a report that was published in the Glasgow Times, it was stated that reports from Saudi Arabia suggested that Al-Ittihad had approached Celtic regarding the possibility of offering Jota on loan.

But let’s be honest: even if Jota were to return to Celtic, it would be impossible for him to do so unless the Saudi club were to pay the great majority of his salary. This is the case regardless of how much the Saudi club wants to help Jota.

Following that, the question that would be asked is whether or whether Jota is also driven to return to Scotland. It was announced that he would be returning to a club that was significantly different from the one he had left after spending two seasons at Celtic.

It is possible that Jota is considering a move to Tottenham in order to revive his friendship with the former Celtic manager, Ange Postecoglou, who is no longer in charge of the team due to his departure.

When it comes to Nottingham Forest, Jota might perhaps join a much more prestigious club than that. I say this with the utmost respect. The fallen giants are currently battling in the English Premier League, where they are currently ranked 17th.

It is unlikely that a player like Jota would fare well in a dogfight. As a result of the fact that he requires a team that plays expansive football, the Spurs appear to be the ideal choice for him.

How about Jota to Celtic? Despite the fact that it would make an excellent Christmas present, I believe that Santa Claus would have a hard time pulling it out of his bag.

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