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Jamie Carragher not impressed by one Manchester United player against Liverpool today



Today against Liverpool, Jamie Carragher was unimpressed with one Manchester United player.Jamie Carragher speculated that Sofyan Amrabat is simply incapable of running, stating that the manner of play that Manchester United manager Erik ten Hag prefers does not capitalize on the midfielder’s abilities.

Carragher spoke subsequent to the Morocco international receiving a booking for a foul committed in the first half against Luis Diaz. The summer acquisition had resorted to dragging the Liverpool forward back in an attempt to impede Diaz from entering the penalty area.


Sofyan Amrabat has yet to justify Manchester United’s summer loan acquisition of him. Undoubtedly, he was phenomenal during the World Cup one year ago. However, that athlete has not been seen by United supporters since his loan arrival.


Jamie Carragher finds Sofyan Amrabat unimpressive.

Ten Hag’s squad managed to salvage a point in order to earn a draw at Anfield on Sunday. Additionally, the visitors will perceive that they had opportunities to win.However, Amrabat was one player who unquestionably faltered. According to Jamie Carragher, who was interviewed on Sky Sports (17/12; 17:08), Amrabat’s yellow card indicates that the style of Manchester United does not fit him.


“Well, it doesn’t help that Gary [Neville] keeps mentioning it when you examine the United player profile, specifically in regards to him. Implementing a man-to-man marking system in the midfield will not be beneficial for him. “He is unable to run,” he declared.


Struggling to provide Manchester United with a future decision regarding a midfielder

United can take solace in the fact that Amrabat is merely on loan. It is improbable that he would depart the club at this time, given the circumstances surrounding his long-term destiny at Old Trafford.In recent weeks, however, Amrabat has been eclipsed by Kobbie Mainoo, which is cause for concern. On Sunday, Mainoo once again demonstrated his prowess as the match ended in a deadlock.


On the day of the transfer deadline, Amrabat joined Manchester United as the club desperately needed reinforcements in the middle of the park.


At this juncture, he appears to be something of a desperate acquisition. It surely seems like an eternity since he and his nation stole the show at the World Cup.


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