Kylian Mbappe makes his feelings on Lionel Messi winning Ballon d'Or empathically clear. - soocer442
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Kylian Mbappe makes his feelings on Lionel Messi winning Ballon d’Or empathically clear.



Kylian Mbappe expresses his profound sympathy regarding Lionel Messi’s Ballon d’Or victory.Kylian Mbappe, a French football sensation who was defeated by Lionel Messi in both the World Cup final and the Ballon d’Or, has weighed in on the Argentina forward.Kylian Mbappe, a football superstar, was convinced from the start that Lionel Messi would win the 2023 Ballon d’Or.


The esteemed award was shared by the Frenchman, the Argentine, and Erling Haaland, a striker for Manchester City. Last season, the 24-year-old and Messi both won the division with Paris Saint-Germain. In the World Cup final, the former scored a hat-trick against the latter.


However, the forward secured the third position in the voting. In contrast, Haaland, who shattered the record for the most goals scored in a Premier League season and won the treble with City, secured the second position, trailing only Messi. Seven goals were scored by the 36-year-old Inter Miami forward in order to help the country achieve its first World Cup victory since 1986.Following Messi’s hoisting of the sport’s preeminent trophy four years prior, Mbappe was certain his former teammate would surpass the previous record for Ballon d’Or victories. The PSG player stated, “I knew he would win the Ballon d’Or on the night of the World Cup final.”

“This is due to Messi.” He must secure the Ballon d’Or if he is to succeed in the World Cup. He is, if not the greatest, among the greatest in history. In addition to achieving World Cup glory and Ligue 1 championships with PSG, Messi had a phenomenal start to his tenure at Inter Miami.


Following the expiration of his contract with the French champions, Messi joined the MLS team that was in dreadful form and languishes at the bottom of the Eastern Conference. Early in his inaugural season, Messi helped Miami defeat Cruz Azul with a sumptuous free-kick that proclaimed his arrival in grand fashion.The first trophy in the club’s history, he has since amassed eleven goals in fourteen games and led Dallas to victory over Nashville in a thrilling penalty shootout to win the Leagues Cup. Messi stated, following the presentation of his eighth Ballon d’Or by Inter Miami owner David Beckham, “It’s great to be back here to savor the moment.” To win the World Cup and accomplish the goal of my life.


“I am unable to fathom having the career and accomplishings that I have. It is a great fortune that I am a member of the greatest team in history. Each Ballon d’Or award is exceptional for a unique reason.” Many believed that Haaland, who stormed the Premier League in his debut season in England, deserved to win his first Ballon d’Or, notwithstanding Messi’s accomplishments over the past year.With 51 goals, the Norwegian propelled City to triumph in the Premier League, Champions League, and FA Cup. But Mbappe, who recorded 29 league goals in 34 league appearances during the previous season and 13 Ligue 1 goals so far this term, stated unequivocally that there is no room for contention. “Erling Haaland and I did indeed enjoy a successful season,” he continued. “However, in comparison to a World Cup that Messi won, that is incomparable.”


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