Manchester Utd board tells Rashford to ‘LEAVE’ with contact made over stunning Barcelona swap in January – Here we go imminent. - soocer442
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Manchester Utd board tells Rashford to ‘LEAVE’ with contact made over stunning Barcelona swap in January – Here we go imminent.



The Manchester United board instructs Marcus Rashford to “LEAVE” after discussing

the sensational January transfer to Barcelona – We proceed imminently.Manchester United is reportedly prepared to release Marcus Rashford as early as January, and the club has even initiated discussions with Barcelona about a potential spectacular transfer, according to a staggering rumor.Rashford, age 26, had the most successful season of his career last year. The forward scored a career-high 30 goals across all competitions following the World Cup hiatus and became virtually unplayable.


Rashford was awarded an improved contract on July 18th, which will bind him to Old Trafford until 2028.


However, his performance for United has deteriorated significantly this season, which raises doubts about his work ethic.Roy Keane and Jamie Carragher, two notable Sky Sports personalities, have brought Rashford to light. The manager, Erik ten Hag, has denied any claims that Marcus Rashford or a member of his squad lost the ball.


“We are not robots; fatigue can be an issue if you play three difficult games in six days; it is never an excuse, but it is there,” Ten Hag stated at a press conference on Tuesday. “However, our performance against Galatasaray and Everton was outstanding, whereas our performance against Newcastle left us dissatisfied.”


“Because the players are so self-critical, they are the first to assert that we are doing the same.”


However, a startling rumor originating from Spain suggests that Rashford has been benched by Manchester United.


Manchester United to exchange Marcus Rashford for Raphinha?

Rashford “is in several pools to pack his bags,” according to Caught Offside, which is an astonishing development. Alternatively stated, he is among the numerous Manchester United players that the club is prepared to release in the coming month.Jadon Sancho and Donny van de Beek are expected to be substituted during the January transfer window. Moreover, Casemiro and Raphael Varane could potentially depart the team early if offers are sufficiently high.


The report then advances the notion that Rashford and Raphinha might swap positions at Barcelona. In relation to this matter, it appears that “one contact” has already been made concerning an action that is certain to come as a surprise.


Reportedly, Barcelona is open to the possibility of transferring Rapha in consideration of the development of newcomer Lamine Yamal.


Raphinha, a former Leeds United winger, inked a dream contract to play for Barcelona in 2022; however, he has been relegated to a supporting role this season.


He has appeared in 14 contests this season, accumulating 584 minutes of action. Nevertheless, the article emphasizes the 26-year-old’s continued popularity in England as a result of his exceptional tenure with Leeds.


United’s inability to fit Rashford and Alejandro Garnacho into the same eleventh-element formation notwithstanding, a Raphinha-Rashford exchange might be rational.


Both players, who are right-footed, favor entering the game from the left wing. By substituting Raphinha for Marcus Rashford, Erik ten Hag could engage in competition with Antony on the right flank, while Garnacho could solidify his position as the primary left-wing starter.


Despite this, a trade appears extremely improbable, and it is important to bear in mind that the Spanish publication in question is not precisely known for its reliability regarding transfer rumors.


The media provides no additional indication that Marcus Rashford wishes to leave United or his childhood club.Furthermore, given Barcelona’s track record of financial difficulties, it would be exceedingly difficult for them to sustain Marcus Rashford’s weekly salary of over £300,000.