Mikel Arteta on Jurrien Timber’s Arsenal return, Team News vs Brentford and Takehiro Tomiyasu’s future. - soocer442
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Mikel Arteta on Jurrien Timber’s Arsenal return, Team News vs Brentford and Takehiro Tomiyasu’s future.



Mikel Arteta on the return of Jurrien Timber to Arsenal, Team News against Brentford, and the future of Takehiro Tomiyasu.Mikel Arteta on the Return of Jurrien Timber to Arsenal, Team News Against Brentford, and the Future of Takehiro Tomiyasu

November 24, 2023, by Charles Watts

Mikel Arteta has been speaking to the media in advance of Saturday evening’s Premier League match between Arsenal and Brentford.


During his pre-match press conference, the Gunners manager responded to inquiries on a variety of subjects, including Aaron Ramsdale’s return to the squad for the west London match and the FA allegation he is facing in relation to his remarks after the previous match in Newcastle.


The following is a snippet of what Arteta stated:


With regard to Martin Odegaard, is he available?


“Perhaps, yes.” “Today is our second session, but he has made significant progress and will hopefully be available.”


Regarding Gabriel’s readiness


“He can be reached.” He appeared for 96 of 97 minutes in a fiercely competitive contest. It is, as previously stated, another session [today]. They had a lengthy voyage, and before I can make the final decision regarding the lineup, I must examine the condition of each player.


Regarding Ben White”Again, he will be eligible to play today if he is available.” However, this remains uncertain and will be clarified within the following few hours.”


Regarding Aaron Ramsdale, I assume he will begin.




In regard to how Ramsdale is this week: Amazed?


“I believe that undoubtedly every player is eager to participate. All of them are incredibly eager to perform.”


Regarding Jurrien Timber, despite his infirmity, how is he navigating the area?


“Incredibly brilliant. Regardless of who you speak with in that facility, he is a truly unique individual. When we signed him, we were astounded, thinking, “Wow, we have an extraordinary player.” It was a significant and extremely trying setback for him to overcome, but the manner in which he has dealt with the situation has been truly remarkable. Beyond exceptional.”As for when Timber might be observed on the training field: imminent.


“I sincerely hope so.” Engaging in what type of activity, that is an entirely distinct matter. A few treks have been completed on the field, but he is still quite some distance from competing. Nonetheless, he is in a favorable position.”

Regarding the FA allegation, have your observations been submitted?


“We have, indeed. We shall make an effort to present our position and the rationale behind it. Beyond that, I am unable to offer much further commentary.


Regarding whether he is satisfied with the manner in which everything has been managed?


“When you are requested to provide your observations, you must adhere to a specific procedure.”


Regarding whether he would reiterate the statement if he had the ability to turn back time.


“That is simply not feasible. Certainly, one can acquire knowledge from any experience.


Saturday marked his 200th appearance for Arsenal across all competitions.


“Very pleased. It is challenging to attain that number in a large club. With any luck, many more favorable developments will ensue.”


The rumored interest of Takehiro Tomiyasu in Bayern Munich


“I greatly value him and believe he should remain. He is someone I really like. He is universally adored and esteemed within the institution. He is gaining considerable playing time and will remain with us in the future.”