Ramsdale sends a message to Arsenal’s fans after his chance against Brentford. - soocer442
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Ramsdale sends a message to Arsenal’s fans after his chance against Brentford.



Rio Ferdinand states, “If the 25-year-old Arsenal footballer were my teammate, I would be waiting there.”Rio Ferdinand has admitted that he would be pounding Arsenal goalkeeper Aaron Ramsdale if they were teammates.


Prior to the Gunners’ match against Brentford, Ferdinand discussed his father’s podcast, in which he detailed the Emirates goalkeeper predicament (TNT Sports broadcast on 25/11; 17:08).Aaron Ramsdale made his first Premier League appearance in nearly three months on Saturday. As a result of his loan status from Brentford, David Raya was declared ineligible to make his debut for the Gtech Community Stadium.


Rio Ferdinand asserts that he would annihilate Arsenal ace Aaron Ramsdale if they were teammates.

The predicament faced by Ramsdale at Arsenal has caused considerable consternation among many individuals. Mikel Arteta declined the custodian position subsequent to what seemed to be an exceptional exhibition in his role as number one.Ramsdale’s father unexpectedly appeared for an interview on the Highbury Squad podcast just recently. The predicament of his son was also candidly discussed.


It is challenging to accept that the 25-year-old obtained any benefit from the podcast. Moreover, in response to a question regarding this prior to Saturday’s match, Rio Ferdinand speculated that his teammates would have likely criticized him severely.


“Consider reporting to work on a Monday subsequent to your father’s appearance on a podcast.” The maltreatment that would befall you. I would beat him to submission.””I would be there hammering while I awaited the player,” he explained to TNT Sports.The goalkeeper is in an untenable position at the moment.

Ramsdale is in a critical situation at the moment. His judgment to acclaim a save made by David Raya was questioned earlier this season. He is incapable of evading attention.


He was therefore subjected to close examination on Saturday, when Arsenal played Brentford. Unfortunately, Ramsdale came perilously close to allowing the Bees to score first during a moment of extreme instability.

The specific underlying justification for Mikel Arteta’s acquisition of David Raya could be clarified in the future years and months.


Saturday, nevertheless, illustrated that Arteta’s summer signing of Raya constituted a substantial risk. He might be exonerated in the end. However, it seems that he has successfully undermined Ramsdale’s self-assurance.


In addition, Arteta’s choice to replace Raya at number one will severely misfire if Raya fails to make any progress.

“I shall be awaited there”: Rio Ferdinand claims that if the 25-year-old Arsenal player were his teammate, he would be pulverizing him.Arsenal supporters receive a greeting from Ramsdale following his opportunity against Brentford.Aaron Ramsdale is ecstatic with the reception he received from Arsenal supporters following his performance against Brentford. Due to David Raya’s inability to compete against his parent club, Ramsdale started in goal against the Bees. The Englishman recorded a clean sheet.Notwithstanding the Gunners’ narrow 1-0 triumph, the match proved to be arduous, and Ramsdale encountered obstacles, including a minimum of one substantial error that might have contributed to a goal for Brentford. Ramsdale concedes that there is room for improvement in his performance.


Notwithstanding any obstacles, Ramsdale expresses gratitude for the support he garnered from the Arsenal supporters. His encouragement from the crowd throughout the game was greatly appreciated by the goalkeeper, who acknowledged the significance of their support.


Following the match, the former Sheffield United player declared on Instagram:


“I never take that feeling for granted.”


“I adore my membership in this organization. Last night, fans were on another level in their concern for my well-being.


“Gratitude appreciated”


Arsenal Only Opinion


Ramsdale’s return to the goal was welcome, and he would have been ecstatic to maintain a perfect sheet.


Nevertheless, his performance was unconvincing, and he did not do much to demonstrate why he ought to be reinstated as our number one.


Raya provides greater reassurance, and the Spaniard will return to the goal in our upcoming match.