Secret Reason why 24 years-old Celtic Newly signed player Nicolas Kuhn won't play for Celtic Fc Vs Buckie Thistle - soocer442
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Secret Reason why 24 years-old Celtic Newly signed player Nicolas Kuhn won’t play for Celtic Fc Vs Buckie Thistle



During this weekend’s match against Buckie Thistle, Nicolas Kuhn will not be making his debut for Celtic.

The new player, who is Brendan Rodgers’ first acquisition during the January transfer window, will not be playing for Celtic in the match that is being played for the Scottish Cup.

Rodgers disclosed that Kuhn is not yet prepared to participate in the activity because he recently underwent surgery to remove his wisdom teeth, which was followed by a period of inactivity.

Nicolas Kuhn

It was revealed by the Celtic management that Kuhn, who had been acquired for almost three million pounds, experienced a “loss of strength” after the operation.

In a prior statement, Kuhn mentioned that he experienced a loss of weight as a consequence of the dental work since he was unable to eat properly for a period of twelve days.

“Nic [Nicolas Kuhn] will not be involved at the weekend as he has had a period out and then had an operation on his teeth so he has had a loss of strength in that,” Rodgers said when he was questioned about his team selection for the Scottish Cup match against Buckie Thistle. “But he will be okay for Ross County,” Rodgers stated.

They have been working hard at Lennoxtown, and you can see the confidence and speed of everyone, which is great, but now we need to take that into the game. “We will take the opportunity to be strong because we need to get the players back into a rhythm again, and I will also take the opportunity to involve some young players as well. However, we will have a strong team because the players have been working hard at Lennoxtown. It is imperative that we immediately get up to speed.

Regarding the dental procedure, Kuhn had previously noted, “It was my first training session [on Wednesday] for four or five weeks because in Austria you have the winter break.” Wednesday was the first day of the training session.

I was simply out and about on my way home. I was aware of the fact that it was a challenging session for me, which it was, of course. However, I should continue to feel better over the course of the following few days.

In addition, I had my wisdom teeth out in the middle of December, and because I was unable to eat for a period of twelve days, I lost a significant amount of weight. We must therefore make an effort to regain the kg. I need to strive to put everything back together again.

I still have two on the left side, but I think I’m going to keep them! “I couldn’t really eat because it was too painful,” she said. “It was too painful!”

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