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Shocking new details emerge of Sheikh Jassim’s failed bid to purchase United – report.



Sir Jim Ratcliffe and Sheikh Jassim, through their investment entity the Nine Two Foundation, have been engaged in a contest for the position of United’s next custodian ever since the Glazers announced in November 2022 that they were exploring strategic alternatives.


Following an extended period of negotiation, the Qatar-based delegation ceased their involvement in the proceeding in October 2023. This development created an opportunity for Ratcliffe to seize the initiative and achieve success, as the American family accepted his proposal for a partial investment.

United made the announcement on Christmas Eve that the INEOS magnate had successfully finalized the agreement to invest 25% in the Red Devils.Ratcliffe’s contract with the Glazers has yet to be formally approved by the Premier League prior to commencing his employment at United.


The British businessman and a few of his closest associates have already met with senior officials, United personnel, Erik ten Hag, and even the players.


The discourse has been characterized as extraordinarily upbeat and invigorating.Ratcliffe was present in person for the most recent match between Manchester United and Tottenham Hotspur at Old Trafford. He explained to the press that his endeavor to acquire a portion of the team he has admired since his youth is the most exhilarating undertaking he has ever attempted.


The primary cause of the takeover’s delays, according to a financial document recently published by The Peoples Person, was disputes over ownership of Class A and Class B shares.


Ratcliffe was exclusively interested in acquiring Class B shares, which possess the actual voting power. However, minority shareholders holding Class A shares were averse to being marginalized and thus insisted on receiving their rightful portion of the club’s sale proceeds.Ultimately, following several rounds of negotiations, Ratcliffe reduced his commitment to Class B shares from 60% to 40%. In the end, it comprised 25 percent of both Class A and Class B shares.


Consequently, the tycoon in petrochemicals now holds a 28.71% voting interest and a 27.69% ownership stake.


Ben Jacobs corroborates this claim and adds some previously undisclosed information regarding Sheikh Jassim’s bid.Jacobs disclosed some extremely intriguing information regarding the banker’s offer, which a subset of supporters captivated by the Gulf state’s wealth sensationalized on social media.


Jacobs writes, “An intriguing and juicy detail regarding the #MUFC sale process has been disclosed. The formal withdrawal of “Bidder A” (Sheikh Jassim) occurred on October 15, 2023. The Qatari bid failed to provide “customary financing commitment letters” on a consistent basis, and the pledged investment is not mentioned. Multiple insiders with knowledge of the transaction had stated unequivocally that “Qatar’s actual offer did not correspond with its public relations.”


“Additionally, SEC filings emphasize that the Board explicitly stated that equal consideration per share was required for shares A and B; the Qatar bid did not meet this requirement.”The document states, “Manchester United representatives continued to apprise Bidder A [Jassim] that the Board of Directors was not inclined to proceed with a transaction in which Class A Shareholders would receive a lower per-share consideration than Class B Shareholders, and that the Board of Directors would demand adequate documentation of the financing and customary financing commitment papers.”


Jacobs verifies that in July 2023, Ratcliffe consented to this structure.”Over 170 potential suitors contacted Raiaine, of which 26 parties signed non-disclosure agreements (NDAs), and 19 of them requested process letters.” Seven of the ten parties that declared formal and initial interest in the matter proposed minority investments. A total of eight individuals advanced to the second round. Notable is the fact that regulatory requirements dictate that these filings must be as truthful as feasible.

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An intriguing and succulent detail regarding the #MUFC sales procedure is revealed. The formal withdrawal of “Bidder A” (Sheikh Jassim) occurred on October 15, 2023. The Qatari bid failed to provide “customary financing commitment letters” on a consistent basis, and the amount of investment pledged is not mentioned. A multitude of… Display moreJacobs further argues that, contrary to public opinion, Qatar never submitted a bid exceeding the $5 billion threshold.


“According to some selling sources, the offer price was enhanced by including the pledged investment amount, which was not confirmed in any filings.” Despite consistent denials from the Qatari side, court documents indicate that Jassim’s offer was not as high as was initially implied throughout the process.