Sir Alex Ferguson has already warned Manchester United about their upcoming ‘nightmare’. - soocer442
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Manchester United

Sir Alex Ferguson has already warned Manchester United about their upcoming ‘nightmare’.



Sir Alex Ferguson has previously forewarned Manchester United of the “nightmare” that lies ahead.On Saturday, Manchester United will play host to Everton at Goodison Park in their first matchback since the international break.Since more than 130 years ago, Everton has called Goodison Park home; it is historically significant and one of the finest stadiums in England.


Throughout the years, Manchester United has visited Goodison on a number of significant occasions. A nightmare was once compared to the playing surface by Sir Alex Ferguson to illustrate how difficult it was for the opposition to score.


Ferguson stated in 2010 that “it would not matter if Dixie Dean were to play for us; going there is always a nightmare.” “While the environment is pleasant, we have managed to adapt and maintain a respectable record despite that.”


United drew 3-3 with Everton the following season, and they were defeated at Goodison, demonstrating Ferguson’s admonition against complacency when performing in front of a biased audience accurate.


Twelve events have taken place at Goodison across all competitions since Ferguson’s retirement in 2013. United has recorded six victories, four losses, and two draws in those contests.Despite the fact that Everton’s 4-0 defeat in April 2019 occurred over four years ago, Ole Gunnar Solskjaer’s squad still remembers that ignominious defeat as if it were yesterday.


Solskjaer’s honeymoon had ended prior to that journey to Everton, but United had already suffered their sixth consecutive loss and were on the verge of their fifth consecutive loss due to that dismal performance.


Furthermore, it exposed the magnitude of the obligation that anticipated Solskjaer subsequent to his formal appointment and the procurement of a faulty locker room, as a cohort of underachievers reverted to previous routines.Everton have declined as a team since their historic victory over United, and they have been fortunate to remain in the Premier League for the past two seasons despite enduring multiple relegation battles.


In 2021–2022, Frank Lampard emerged victorious for them, and following that season, Sean Dyche, who had a history of surpassing expectations with Burnley, appeared to be the optimal candidate to assume the leadership role.

Dyche transformed water into wine at Burnley, and despite Everton’s resources placing him in a comparable position, his club’s performance has begun to progress following a sluggish start to the current campaign.


On the road, Everton defeated Crystal Palace 3-2 prior to the international break. Having been forecasted to be a bear pit, they will host United on Saturday with an abundance of confidence.


Last Friday, it was determined by an independent committee that Everton had contravened the sustainability and profitability policies of the Premier League. Consequently, the group was penalized an instantaneous ten points.A points deduction of this magnitude has never before occurred in the Premier League, and Everton supporters feel betrayed by their punishment, which seems disproportionate given that teams such as Manchester City face over a hundred penalties.


Everton issued the following statement: “The club will closely observe the resolutions reached in any additional matters pertaining to the profit and sustainability regulations of the Premier League.”


Infuriated by the point deduction that has placed their team in the relegation zone, Everton supporters have vowed to organize a lively gathering on Sunday to voice their Premier League indignation.


Furthermore, an inhabitant of Everton became notorious for vocalizing derogatory comments at the central London offices of the Premier League. This weekend, a gathering of this nature is anticipated to number in the thousands.It is no secret that this group of players shrinks in high-pressure environments, as evidenced by their lifeless away performances against Liverpool, Newcastle, and Sevilla the year prior. United will be under duress.


Goodison Park will be a living catastrophe this weekend, and Manchester United will have to fight to the finish.