The next boss of Liverpool is "100% confirmed." Fabrizio Romano told everyone about 42 years-old coach Xabi Alonso's news, which gives him "Plan A." - soocer442
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The next boss of Liverpool is “100% confirmed.” Fabrizio Romano told everyone about 42 years-old coach Xabi Alonso’s news, which gives him “Plan A.”



Xabi Alonso told everyone that a rival club will make him their “Plan A.” This was “100% confirmed” by Fabrizio Romano, who will take over as manager of Liverpool next season.Latest news from Germany makes it clear that Bayern Munich wants to hire Xabi Alonso as a teacher. This puts Liverpool’s plans to hire him as their new manager in great danger. This is true even though Fabrizio Romano gave a big update on FSG’s plans for the Spanish player.

Their goal is to become the first team in history to win all four big trophies. They are getting ready for what they think will be an exciting end to the season. The first one can be done this weekend at Wembley, where Liverpool plays Chelsea in the Carabao Cup final. But they do it with a heavy heart after hearing the shocking news about Jurgen Klopp last month.


In fact, the German has said he wants to leave Liverpool at the end of the season, after working there for almost nine great years. Most likely, hiring the right person to take over is the most important choice FSG has had to make in their 14-year past.Some people have different ideas about who they go to, and some even bring up prom teachers. Even though Julian Nagelsmann, Roberto De Zerbi, and Ruben Amorim are all good players who could be great choices, Alonso seems to be the clear winner and is the name everyone is talking about.The ex-Liverpool player is doing a great job as a boss. He has Bayer Leverkusen very high at the top of the Bundesliga table, eight points ahead of Bayern Munich. They are trying to win their first league title in 119 years.

It will mean a lot to Alonso if he can lead Leverkusen to victory.

Liverpool has to deal with Bayern Munich when it comes to games.

The German team has already said they won’t ask for any money for their coach, which is good news for the Reds. In theory, this would make it easy for FSG to hire the 42-year-old as boss.

There will be other people who want to hire Alonso, though. Berlin had some big news on Tuesday that made it clear that Bayern Munich also wants to hire him as coach.Bayern, who are the 11-time defending winners, are having a bad season, which is bad for Bayer because Alonso has done well for them so far. They’ve lost three games in a row, and Thomas Tuchel’s rule is in trouble.

The last game, which they lost 3-2 to Bochum, might have been his last as coach. German news sources say that Bayern is about to fire him and that a former boss of Manchester United could be brought in as a short-term replacement.

That would only work for a short time for Bayern, though. In the summer, they want to sign Alonso more than anyone else.

A reporter for Sky Deutschland named Florian Plettenberg who says Alonso is the “top candidate” and “plan A” to take over for Tuchel at the Allianz Arena.

Leverkusen just extended Alonso’s deal until 2026, so they should be able to keep him for at least another season. No one knows who will win the race for Aragon.There are reports that FSG has already called him about the job, and both Klopp and Rafa Benitez, who used to coach Liverpool, have said that Alonso has a good chance of getting it.

Reporter Romano, who you can trust, also said that Alonso is Liverpool’s first choice. He is sure, though, that the club’s interest will not be made public until the end of the season. This is to show respect for the German team and not get in the way of Leverkusen’s bid for a historic Bundesliga title.

Real Madrid is still very interested in Xabi Alonso. To be polite, they keep getting in touch, but it’s an important season for Bayer Leverkusen, and they don’t want to worry them, Romano told Caught Offside.Liverpool still wants to get Alonso after everything. These people have more than one name on their list, but they know about his contract because it’s not a real clause and is just a friendly deal with the club.

Romano said that Alonso was a “strong candidate” for the Liverpool job and added, “I’m not sure any concrete talks are imminent because of Leverkusen’s situation, but for sure Alonso is at the top of Liverpool’s list—he’s not the only one, but he’s a strong candidate for the Liverpool job.”

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