‘Absolutely amazing’ – Rodgers can’t hide excitement at special Celtic chance. - soocer442
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‘Absolutely amazing’ – Rodgers can’t hide excitement at special Celtic chance.



Under the leadership of manager Brendan Rodgers, Celtic is preparing for a crucial Champions League match in Rome against Lazio.

As Celtic strives for a crucial victory to bolster their European campaign, the stakes are high. After this pivotal match at Stadio Olimpico concludes, Rodgers and his squad are presented with an extraordinary opportunity—possibly an intimate encounter with Pope Francis at the Vatican.Although the confirmation of the meeting is contingent on the Pope’s health, Rodgers is enthusiastic about the prospect in light of reports of moderate cold symptoms. He conveyed his elation to RecordSport, stating, “That would be truly extraordinary.” It would be a blessing and a true honor to accomplish that. “We are hopeful that we can present the Vatican with an exceptionally favorable outcome.”Rodgers is fully cognizant of the forthcoming obstacles. Discipline will be critical in ensuring Celtic’s first Champions League group stage away victory in six years. Recent matches have been marred by setbacks for the team, as red cards have had a substantial effect on their performance.


Celtic was reduced to nine men in their opening match in Rotterdam against Feyenoord due to the dismissals of Gustaf Lagerbielke and Odin Thiago Holm. Similarly, a controversial VAR decision resulted in the dismissal of Japanese player Daizen Maeda in Madrid’s match against Atletico.On the field, the Celtic manager emphasized the significance of composure and a fully formed squad. Rodgers stated, “One of the most important factors for us is discipline.” While his team was at full strength, he lauded its competitiveness and caliber of play. However, he acknowledged the challenge of attaining results when outnumbered. “We’ve had players sent off in two games in a row, and given the caliber of the opposing teams, it’s nearly impossible to get a result with nine or ten men at this level,” he continued.In conclusion, Rodgers urged for a resolute commitment to consistency and a strong 90-minute effort. Celtic enters the arena in Rome bearing not only their aspirations for Europe but also the eager anticipation of an unprecedented encounter in the Vatican.