‘Big talents’: Marcel Bout has outlined his desire to bring the next Erling Haaland to Newcastle. - soocer442
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‘Big talents’: Marcel Bout has outlined his desire to bring the next Erling Haaland to Newcastle.



Marcel Bout has expressed interest in acquiring the next Erling Haaland for Newcastle.Marcel Bout was recently designated chief of global scouting by Newcastle United, following an unremarkable eight-year tenure at Manchester United.

The Dutchman, aged 60, joined Manchester United in 2014 under the leadership of Loui Van Gaal and held a variety of positions at Old Trafford for eight years prior to his departure last year.


Newcastle have placed Bout in charge of scouting for youthful first-team-ready talent for the club, despite the fact that he did nothing noteworthy during Manchester United’s underwhelming Premier League campaign.


Newcastle prefers to produce champions rather than purchase them.Newcastle prefers to produce champions rather than purchase them.

Dan Ashworth has always wanted Newcastle to acquire and cultivate young stars of exceptional caliber, and he now has Marcel Bout to carry out this mission.Newcastle have initiated this procedure by acquiring players such as Yankuba Minteh and Garang Kuol within the past year.


Bout described his responsibilities at Newcastle to The Sunday Mirror, adding that he is attempting to acquire the next Erling Haaland before they become prohibitively expensive.


Bout has delineated his aspirations.

“The new Haaland, Bellingham, and (Jamal) Musiala are individuals I am seeking.”Young talent up to the age of 23 who has the potential to make Newcastle’s first team is the focus of my attention. Constantly looking to the left will prevent you from seeing anything on the right, which is my motto. Thus, I search everywhere. Newcastle has recruited me in an effort to identify all the brightest talents. I am seeking the pounds concealed within the quarters.


“My objective is not only to identify these enormous talents, but also to ensure that Newcastle United acquires them without delay.” I intend to acquire them prior to their valuation reaching £100 million.

His aspiration is commendable; let us only hope he is able to execute it.