Breaking News: 33 years-old Al-Ettifaq FC player Jordan Henderson moving to Celtic Fc this january transfer windows! Brendan Rodgers Answer the question, YES OR NO? - soocer442
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Breaking News: 33 years-old Al-Ettifaq FC player Jordan Henderson moving to Celtic Fc this january transfer windows! Brendan Rodgers Answer the question, YES OR NO?



Since his move from Spurs in August 2021, Joe Hart has missed very few games. However, he will turn 37 in April, and his contract will expire at the conclusion of the season, so his status is one that will need to be addressed at some point in the future.

Over the course of his career with Celtic, the former England goalkeeper has made over 130 appearances. Neither Scott Bain nor Ben Siegrist have presented him with any significant threat.

Regarding Hart and the current situation with the goalkeeper, Brendan Rodgers stated the following to the Daily Record:

This is not something that we are currently considering at this time. It is necessary for us to first investigate a number of other topics.

There are some things that we will be able to improve on during the summer, and the same is true during the month of January; nonetheless, I really enjoy working with Joe since he is a wonderful person. My hope is that he will continue.

We have not discussed it with one another. When he is that age, I believe that he is simply content to be playing. Joe’s family lives in the south, therefore he has demonstrated an exceptional level of dedication to remain in this location.

Breaking News: 33 years-old Al-Ettifaq FC player Jordan Henderson moving to Celtic Fc this january transfer windows! Brendan Rodgers Answer the question, YES OR NO?

Changing goalkeepers in the middle of the season would be a risky decision for any club to make. With the position being such a specialized one, a summer agreement and some time to adjust to the new player would seem to be the more reasonable option.

With Hart almost immediately solving a problem position that had been alternated between Vasilis Barkas, Bain, and Connor Hazard throughout the Lockdown season, Celtic have been very effectively served by goalkeepers in the recent past. However, Hart nearly immediately solved the problem position.

After only six months of playing for Al-Ettifaq, the England international is apparently considering leaving the Saudi Pro League club with whom he has been affiliated.

The possibility of Jordan Henderson leaving his current position in the Saudi Pro League has been brought up in the context of Celtic as a possible destination.

Nevertheless, despite reports from south of the border saying that the Hoops are “interested” in a deal, a surprise move to the Scottish Premiership could face some significant obstacles. This would come just six months after a move to Al-Ettifaq for a fee of twelve million pounds. It would be a remarkable move for the former captain of Liverpool, who has expressed his respect for Brendan Rodgers for a long time and has acknowledged that Rodgers was instrumental in helping him launch his career at Anfield.

If it meant that he could return to the English Premier League, the 33-year-old player is reportedly willing to consider taking a significant pay reduction and writing off millions of dollars in tax liability. However, according to The Mirror, there is not a “overwhelming amount of suitors for the ageing ex-Sunderland man.” This might leave Celtic as one of the few escape routes from Ettifaq, which would turn out to be one of the most outrageous moves of the winter window.

“I required his assistance. As a result of my need for him to provide me with opportunities and instruct me in tactical matters, he eventually appointed me as captain. It speaks a lot that he recognized the effort I had put in to become the player he wanted me to be, that he acknowledged that I had evolved in terms of my tactical awareness, and that he gave me opportunities to further my skills.

Brendan had shown us what was possible at Liverpool during a time when we were competing with clubs controlled by oligarchs and nation states. Kenny (Dalglish) had brought the club back together, and Brendan had displayed what was possible at Liverpool. He is deserving much more praise than he is receiving. I expressed my gratitude to Brendan for all that he had done for me, and then I started to contemplate who the next manager would be and whether or not he would be interested in having me on board. The fact that Brendan had not been given the opportunity to complete what he had begun was a great disappointment.

Rodgers was one of the individuals who openly defended Henderson’s decision to relocate to the Middle East, despite the fact that Henderson was receiving criticism for his relocation. The choice of the midfielder, who has been a longtime supporter of the LGBT+ movement, to relocate to a country in which homosexuality is outlawed ignited a great deal of anger within the LGBT+ community.

During the summer, Rodgers gave an interview to talkSPORT in which he stated, “There are a great number of morality officers all over the world today who provide judgments to individuals.” However, I am quite familiar with Jordan, and I am aware of the affection that he has for Liverpool and will continue to have for the club. At that point in his career, he had reached a point where it was quite unlikely that he would ever again be the first name listed on the squad sheet. Therefore, it was obvious that he would benefit from going abroad and taking on a new task.

Although there has been speculation that Henderson would be willing to accept a significant reduction in his salary, it is quite likely that Henderson would not be able to afford the salary that Celtic would be willing to give. Rodgers has previously demonstrated public support for the player trade model that the club employs; yet, the veteran does not suit the paradigm with the club. According to the sources, the wage decrease looks to be contingent on an offer that is coming from the Premier League.

Following his departure from Liverpool in the summer, Jurgen Klopp revealed that one of the reasons he moved to Saudi Arabia was because he desired to be granted a starting position that was promised to him. Given that Callum McGregor, the team’s captain, is now playing in a position that is comparable to this one, it is possible that Rodgers will not be able to provide this. In point of fact, Chris Sutton, a member of the Parkhead community, has indicated that McGregor will start ahead of the England star.

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