Breaking News: Ex-Everton CEO stunned by what he's 'heard' about Man City FFP case - 'it's huge'. - soocer442
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Breaking News: Ex-Everton CEO stunned by what he’s ‘heard’ about Man City FFP case – ‘it’s huge’.



‘It’s big,’ said the former CEO of Everton, who was astonished by what he’s ‘heard’ about the FFP case involving Manchester City.According to Keith Wyness, a former chief executive officer of Everton, Manchester City has an incredible team of thirty in-house lawyers working to defend the club against 115 potential violations of Premier League rules.

During his time at the club, the 66-year-old individual, who had previously held the position of Chief Executive Officer at Goodison Park from 2004 to 2009 and currently operates a football consultancy that provides advice to elite clubs, disclosed that the Toffees did not have a dedicated legal counsel.The case of Manchester City is reportedly going to be considered by an impartial tribunal in the autumn of 2024, as reported by the Daily Mail (30 November).


It is anticipated that a ruling will be handed down by the beginning of the 2025-26 season; however, the outcome will most certainly be delayed if any appeals are filed.


In the event that City is found to be in violation of financial regulations, the club may be subject to a hefty point deduction, comparable to the punishment that was given down to Everton in November, or perhaps relegation.


On the other hand, Football Insider reported on the 24th of November that the upper management of Manchester City is extremely confident in their ability to defend their 115 outstanding charges.Wyness made the following statement in an exclusive interview with the Inside Track podcast of Football Insider: “I’ve heard that Manchester City have a thirty-strong in-house legal department, which is amazing.


During the time that I worked at Everton, we did not even have an in-house attorney.


Our team consisted of one attorney and two assistants when I was working at Villa.You should now have a better understanding of the scale that we are discussing. It is not clear to me whether or not that amount is accurate; however, I am certain that it is a sizable department.


“Now, the danger that is suggested there is that they will tie you up in court, and they have the ability to tie up the Premier League, the FA, or UEFA in court as well.


They are going to fight you to the point of no return and cost you a bloody fortune by doing so. It would appear that this is what took place.That is one piece of advice. If you have a wealthy backer, then perhaps it is the best course of action to take.


There is a possibility that a different legal team would have been involved in Everton’s case if Usmanov had not been sanctioned and had been able to assist Moshiri.


Moreover, Manchester City has a surprising intention to re-sign a midfield player, according to the news.