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Breaking News: Official Chelsea vs Manchester City FA Cup semi-final date announced



The semi-finals of the FA Cup will be held at Wembley next month. Manchester City will play Chelsea, and Manchester United will play Coventry City.

The dates and times of the FA Cup semi-finals have been set, and Manchester United vs. Coventry will now take place earlier than planned. Next month, the semi-finals will be held at Wembley.

As it stands, Manchester City will play Chelsea in the first semi-final. In the second, Manchester United will play Coventry City, a team from the Championship. The games will take place on April 20 and 21.

Breaking News: Official Chelsea vs Manchester City FA Cup semi-final date announced

Fans of Chelsea can now make plans to go to Wembley because the semi-final has been set for April 20, Saturday. The game starts at 5:15 p.m., which could make it hard for Manchester City fans to get there.

United will play Coventry the next day at 3:30 p.m. Because the Metropolitan Police are worried, United’s game against Coventry City has been moved to a different time. The Football Association wanted the game to start at 4 p.m., but after talking with the police, they decided to change the time.

City is the defending winner. They beat United 2-1 in the final last year. They won a historic triple and are now the favorites to beat Chelsea in the semi-finals.

On the other hand, United is thought to win that other semi-final. After an exciting 4-3 win over Liverpool in extra time in the quarterfinals, they earned their spot.

Coventry, on the other hand, beat Wolves 3-2 to win their spot at Wembley and could surprise everyone.

Mark Robins, the manager of Coventry, won the FA Cup with Manchester United in 1990 and is very excited to play his old team. “I honestly think that the teams that are left are just top, top sides, but my preference was United,” he told Coventry Live.

“At one point, it looked like Liverpool would make it, but then everything changed.” I really wanted United to win, and it was great that we were drawn out first and they came after us.

“But the game would be great no matter which team you pick.” They have some great players, but we’re looking forward to the game. The trip to Wembley is great for everyone—the fans, the players, the staff, and everyone else. We can play a top team with a top boss at Wembley.

“Everyone will expect them to win, and we want to go out and do our best again, and have fun.” In the end, just getting to this point is a huge accomplishment, but you don’t want to go ahead and “make up the numbers.”

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