Cristiano Ronaldo handled the rivalry opinion of Lionel Messi with poise prior to their reunion. - soocer442
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Cristiano Ronaldo handled the rivalry opinion of Lionel Messi with poise prior to their reunion.



Cristiano Ronaldo handled the rivalry opinion of Lionel Messi with poise prior to their reunion.


It is possible that Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo will compete against one another as adversaries for the final time in a competitive match for their respective new clubs subsequent to their departure from Europe.Cristiano Ronaldo candidly discussed his rival Lionel Messi, maintaining that the two legendary footballers have mutual respect and asserting that there is no animosity between them.


On February 1 in the Riyadh Season Cup, Ronaldo’s Al Nassr will face Messi’s Inter Miami for the potential championship team in 2024. This matchup pits the two sport’s legends against one another. They may face off for the championship in the round-robin preseason tournament that has already been labeled “The Last Dance.”Furthermore, Ronaldo was queried regarding his sentiments towards Messi and whether he harbors any lingering animosity towards him despite their nine-year history of meeting in La Liga.Earlier in the year, Ronaldo lavished praise on his adversary, stating, “Hatred? Such is not how I perceive things; the rivalry has ended. A large number of spectators enjoyed it. Those who admire Messi need not despise Cristiano Ronaldo, and conversely.


“We have achieved success and altered the course of football history. We enjoy international esteem; that is the most essential aspect.I, too, have followed in his footsteps, notwithstanding the fact that we have performed outside of Europe. “From what I’ve observed, both he and I have been doing quite well.”While the legacy endures, I do not perceive the rivalry in such a manner. We frequently shared the stage for the past fifteen years. “We have never had dinner together, so that does not mean we are friends; however, we are professional colleagues who hold one another in high regard.”




After receiving his eighth Ballon d’Or, Messi had also expressed admiration for his Portuguese counterpart in his remarks. “It was a tremendous battle from a sporting standpoint,” he stated. The mutual stimulation of our rivalry stemmed from the fact that we are both formidable competitors.He, too, had an unwavering desire to accomplish everything at all times. It was a tremendously pleasurable time for all football enthusiasts, including ourselves. We merit a great deal of credit, in my opinion, for maintaining our position at the summit for so long. Because, as the adage goes, reaching that destination is quite simple.



“Remaining there presents a challenge.” Furthermore, we maintained our position atop for a period of ten to fifteen years. Maintaining that level is extraordinarily challenging, yet the view is magnificent. “Moreover, I believe it will live on in the memories of all those who followed us.”