‘I'm not having that’: Paul Merson stunned by what he's hearing about Eddie Howe after UCL exit. - soocer442
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‘I’m not having that’: Paul Merson stunned by what he’s hearing about Eddie Howe after UCL exit.



“That’s not happening,” Paul Merson exclaims in disbelief upon learning of Eddie Howe’s departure from UCL.Eddie Howe has performed admirably since being appointed manager of Newcastle United in 2021.


One might argue that Newcastle United’s qualification for the Champions League in the previous season constituted an excessive accomplishment, notwithstanding the Saudi-led ownership’s intention to position the club among the elite in the long run.


Notwithstanding all of that, Newcastle United’s elimination from the Champions League on Wednesday following a disastrous 2-1 loss to AC Milan at St James’ Park would have wounded the club’s fanbase.


Eddie Howe’s future may be in jeopardy, according to former Scotland striker Kris Boyd, in light of the ambitious ownership of Newcastle.

Paul Merson, on the other hand, refused to believe that, telling Sky Sports, “I cannot stand that” and emphasizing that the 46-year-old is a “top manager.” The Magpies’ current situation is not favourable, as they have been plagued by injuries and that ludicrous officiating in their previous encounter at PSG (1-1).


United of Newcastle in the Champions League

“I simply believe that, given how Newcastle has performed thus far, the owners will simply anticipate the same thing every year,” Boyd stated.


“They will not comprehend the difficulty of the journey there.” They will insist that they return. “I hope this is not the case, Eddie Howe, but people will begin to notice him immediately.”


Paul Merson replied, “Oh no, nothing, nothing!” I have no desire for that. I can agree with you on the Europe issue, as I believe they have long fought for the right to remain in Europe.Regarding the proprietors’ evaluation of Eddie Howe: “Not Eddie Howe,” Merson continued. “They certainly will (exercise patience).” He has excavated trees. He holds the position of executive manager. Remains tranquil. Prevents hysteria. He will not exit the stroller tonight and begin tossing his objects out. He will be engaged in strategic deliberation. He holds the position of executive manager.The absence of Newcastle United in Europe

One of the contributing factors to Newcastle’s ascent to a top-four finish in the previous season was their once-per-week schedule.


That is precisely what will transpire throughout the second half of the season, which ultimately could be advantageous for the team.Without a doubt, Newcastle would have desired Europe, be it the Europa League or the Champions League.


However, one silver lining to this situation is that the players can now attempt to reclaim the table by operating at maximum speed.