Cristiano Ronaldo's Man Utd demise laid bare after Edinson Cavani's comments. - soocer442
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Cristiano Ronaldo’s Man Utd demise laid bare after Edinson Cavani’s comments.



The Manchester United demise of Cristiano Ronaldo was exposed by Edinson Cavani’s remarks.The fallout between Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and current

Red Devils manager Erik ten Hag at the close of last season tarnished Ronaldo’s legacy, but some predicted it.The partnership between Erik ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo during his tenure at Manchester United was doomed to fail, according to former Red Devil Edinson Cavani.


The former Manchester United forward once stated that he feared his own future at Old Trafford was in jeopardy when Ronaldo arrived, as he believed every manager was obliged to utilize the five-time Ballon d’Or winner irrespective of form. Ten Hag, on the other hand, dismissed the forward in the middle of his rookie campaign in the dugout.Ten Hag faced Ronaldo in one of the most pivotal moments of his United tenure to date, following escalating discontent in the locker room and an explosive candid interview. His victory resulted in the club terminating his contract in the middle of the season.Currently, Cavani’s remarks are intriguing to read, as the former Manchester United star reflects on his reaction to Ronaldo’s arrival in May of last year: “Upon gaining some current football knowledge, my initial action was to contact my brother [Walter Fernando Guglielmone, who also serves as my agent] and inform him, ‘Fernando, I would have asked you to find me another club a week ago.'”


“However, that was not due to my reluctance to accompany Cristiano Ronaldo.” No. Because I had the privilege of getting to know him and observing how professional he is in pursuing his objectives—a quality that is ideal for a sportsman. However, years of experience in football have taught me how things operate today. “For this reason, I communicated with my brother.”The primary focus was on comprehending the circumstances. It is not that I was unable to fulfill my responsibilities at Manchester, but rather that numerous aspects of modern football have undergone significant transformations in comparison to their previous iterations that occurred years ago. And because it occurred unexpectedly, I felt nothing. I reasoned, “Let’s play and do our absolute best.”