Setback for Al-Nassr as Ronaldo to miss AFC Champions League game. - soocer442
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Setback for Al-Nassr as Ronaldo to miss AFC Champions League game.



By means of Edinson Cavani’s remarks, the decline of Cristiano Ronaldo at Manchester United was exposed.Some predicted that the disagreement between Manchester United star Cristiano Ronaldo and current Red Devils manager Erik ten Hag at the end of last season would tarnish Ronaldo’s legacy.Former Red Devil Edinson Cavani believes that the collaboration between Erik ten Hag and Cristiano Ronaldo during his tenure at Manchester United was destined for failure.

The former Manchester United forward once expressed concern that Ronaldo’s arrival would jeopardize his own future at Old Trafford, as he believed that every manager was obligated to use the five-time Ballon d’Or winner regardless of form. In contrast, Ten Hag dismissed the forward during the midpoint of his debut season while working in the dugout.Ten Hag encountered Ronaldo in one of the most consequential instances of his tenure with United thus far, subsequent to a heated dispute in the locker room and a candid, explosive interview. As a consequence of his triumph, the club decided to terminate his contract midway through the season.At this time, Cavani’s reflections on his reaction to Ronaldo’s arrival in May of last year are intriguing to read: “When I gained some current football knowledge, my first thought was to contact my brother [Walter Fernando Guglielmone, who is also my agent], and tell him, ‘Fernando, I would have asked you to find me another club a week ago.'”


“However, that was not due to my reluctance to accompany Cristiano Ronaldo.” No. Because I had the honor of becoming acquainted with him and observing his professionalism in pursuing his goals—an attribute that is exemplary of a sportsman. Nonetheless, years of football experience have equipped me with knowledge of how things function today.As a result, I engaged in communication with my sibling.”The principal emphasis was placed on understanding the conditions.” It is not that I was incapable of carrying out my obligations at Manchester; instead, it is due to the substantial evolution of various facets of contemporary football since its inception many years ago. Moreover, I experienced no emotion due to the extraordinary nature of the event. “Let’s play and do our absolute best,” I reasoned.

Manchester United’s demise under Cristiano Ronaldo was exposed by Edinson Cavani’s remarks.Ronaldo’s absence from Al-Nassr’s AFC Champions League match is a setback.According to GOAL, Al-Nassr has verified that star player Cristiano Ronaldo will miss the upcoming AFC Champions League match against Istiklol of Tajikistan.


The decision to rest the Portuguese forward by the club administration is surprising in light of his outstanding performance in the current season (2023-24). The superstar has contributed to the team’s total of 26 goals scored in 24 appearances.


At the age of 38, Ronaldo, who is perpetually in the news and is frequently compared to Argentine footballer Lionel Messi, has demonstrated no indications of decelerating. His objective is to earn prestigious accolades for his Saudi club, which offered him a substantial salary in exchange.


Ronaldo has scored three goals in continental competitions this season; however, he will be unable to add to that total when Al-Nassr faces Istiklol, as the management has decided to rest him.


Group E is led by Ronaldo’s club with 13 points, and their five-match unbeaten streak has contributed to their qualification for the round of 16. Given their current state of excellence, Ronaldo’s participation is deemed unnecessary, per GOAL. The necessary time off will enable him to fully recuperate.Recently, the icon was observed carrying tape during Al-Nassr’s match against Al-Hilal. Al-Nassr Manager Luis Castro’s decision to spare the club’s captain, who has been afflicted with a minor neck injury, allows the Portuguese forward to recover prior to Friday’s match against Al-Riyadh.


After Ronaldo’s squad’s 3-0 loss to Al-Hilal in their previous match, supporters at the King Fahd Stadium in Riyadh publicly disgraced the star player.


“Messi, Messi” was chanted as he made his way back to the pavilion following the conclusion of the match. Nevertheless, he continued to amaze even at that.


The football player maintained his composure by offering “flying kisses” in response to the disruptive spectators.