'Exceptional': Jurgen Klopp says he's now so thankful Liverpool signed player who 'nearly got relegated'. - soocer442
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‘Exceptional’: Jurgen Klopp says he’s now so thankful Liverpool signed player who ‘nearly got relegated’.



“Outstanding”: Jurgen Klopp exclaims his gratitude to Liverpool for signing a player who “nearly got relegated.” Jurgen Klopp has lauded the summer transfer window transactions the club accomplished.


This year, the Reds had one of their busiest signing periods in recent memory, as they acquired four brand-new players.Wataru Endo, Alexis Mac Allister, Dominik Szoboszlai, and Ryan Gravenberch have all achieved success thus far. But the situation was almost entirely different for Liverpool. Both Moises Caicedo and Romeo Lavia appeared to be on the verge of being signed in August.


Both players ultimately declined to sign with the Reds, opting to join Chelsea instead. Subsequent to that, Caicedo and Lavia have encountered less-than-ideal circumstances, as the Blues currently occupy the twelfth position in the Premier League.

Liverpool, conversely, are currently in first place. Klopp also jokingly remarked last night at a test event for Liverpool’s new Anfield Road stand via Beanymansports that the Reds were “fortunate” to have avoided elimination. Following a mild criticism of the Chelsea duo, Jurgen proceeded to highlight Endo in particular.”We discovered Endo, and he is an extraordinary player; he is phenomenal,” exclaimed the manager. “He is thirty years old and proficient in Japan. The transfer market operates similarly; you don’t want a thirty-year-old player who plays in Germany and almost got relegated, but thank God we reconsidered our decision. “Undoubtedly, he desired to attend, which is helpful.”


Klopp intends to excavate Caicedo.

Those who have spent the last twelve hours or so on Twitter have undoubtedly encountered Klopp’s candid remarks concerning Caicedo and Lavia.


“A few peculiar occurrences transpired in the transfer market during the summer,” the Liverpool manager remarked. “However, from where we stand here, I can say that we were extremely fortunate that day.” While we were unaware of it at the time, I must say that I am extremely relieved with how everything transpired!”We had a great sense prior to the start of the preseason that Macca and Dom had been selected. We were already aware that Ryan had a chance, and then we realized that no other central defensive midfielder is interested in joining Liverpool. “As you can see, what occurs…”


Clearly, this has infuriated Chelsea supporters, but we believe Jurgen’s response is absolutely gold. This summer, there was no compelling cause for any midfielder to reject Liverpool’s offer to transfer to Stamford Bridge.Whatever decision Caicedo and Lavia made this summer could not have been rationalized from an exclusively football perspective.


Both of them are still in their infancy at Stamford Bridge, and Klopp is undoubtedly cognizant of this fact. After six months, however, Chelsea’s season has been a dismal one. Caicedo has encountered difficulties, and Lavia has yet to make his debut with the Blues. If they had instead joined Liverpool, they would have probably been in a much stronger position at this time.


However, fixating on what might have been serves no purpose. Endo, as Klopp notes, seized the opportunity to join Liverpool and is promptly demonstrating his value as a shrewd acquisition. It could not have been any other way for us.